Fly me away! Part 7

So like I said in the last I'm posting the second part of the commentary for the movie! Yey. I hope you guys enjoyed part 6 and hope you'll enjoy part 7.

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Part 6

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Part 1


“Oh he messed up” Tae said.

“But he didn’t get shot. I don’t think the killer realized he screw oh wait yes he did” I commented.

“Shhh” Jimin said once again.

“But he keeps calling the guy on stage. Wait how did he send a message on his phone through the paper to block the keys. And yes he warned someone. He in big trouble” Kooki exclaims all of a sudden, it sounded like he was talking really fast or in a different language. Could have been either.

“Oh look his ‘Friend’ is warning someone. Is that the gray haired man from before. And his friend just got killed.” J hope said as the guy gets hit in the head and dragged down the hallway.

“He just had to look up when the killer told him to” I said observing the pianist looking up as the killer dragged the dead body above stage lights.

“Stupid move” Trinity said.

What makes seeing a dead body make you a good artist” I said repeating the line from the killer.

“I’ve never seen a dead body. Does that mean I’m not an artist” Kooki said all of a sudden.

“Oh honey, you are. You have an amazing talent” Trinity said.

“Hey there goes the girlfriend of the guy who just died. Must be worried about him” Tae said.

“See See the janitor is in on it too. The killer just said so” J hope got excited that he got something right.

“How the hell did you know that” I questioned confused.

“Hey she can hear the cell she’s going. Oh no she’s going to die too. Why would you follow the noise.” Tae said

“She’s a stupid blonde bimbo.” Trinity said

“Yes go into the room that has plastic covering every surface. This just screams killer room” I exclaimed watching the woman hesitantly enter a room that has all the furniture, the ground, and the walls covered in plastic. Halfway into the room she sees the guy's dead body.

“A blonde had to die” J hope said as if it was that simple.

“And he totally is using glass to cut her up” I said as the killer grabs a piece of broken mirror and goes after her.

“Oh stab her in the back” Trinity guesses as the killer approaches

“Nope totally slit her throat!” I laughed.

Several minutes of moving going on that gets no commentary. The wife is looking for her husband who is the pianist. They really is nothing wrong with the scene.

Omg the shooter and his wife just entered and he totally just got that that was the guy with the gun.

“Hyperventilate. Good reaction” I started up again mumbling under my breath.

“I would” Trinity agreed hearing me.

“I don’t know if I would” I said.

“Hey something happened. Pianist can hear the killers conversation with his henchman. He just found out they are only after the piano” Tae pointed out on his screen.

“Well duh” I said as if it was basic this would happen. I mean of course they want the piano.

“But it’s mostly the fact that it’s a heist. Hey the killer knows Pianist heard them” J hope said.

“Why are they discussing keys and how many keys the piano has” Trinity questioned as the focus turned onto the piano.

“Cause this piano has extra keys” Jimin said chipping into the conversation.

“Oh, apparently the killer is a locksmith and when he hits those keys at the end of the song they unlock something on the piano” I said putting together all the pieces that were just laid out.

“No wonder the killer is so dependant on him getting the song correct. It opens up a secret compartment” Trinity said right along side me.

“Damn, that’s like a mastermind move right there” I looked over at Trinity.

“Oh he just said he’d play the unplayable song” J hope exclaimed

“I just got it. It never mattered if he got his performance correct. It only mattered that he played the last notes of the unplayable song” Tae snapped his fingers at the realization.

“Okay we gotta listen to him play. This is such a fast tempo song” Jimin Said poking at the person next to him.

“Look at those mechanisms unlock. There really is something unlocking. Oh there’s those famous three keys. And he got that last note” Tae was excited.

“Did it do it?” Trinity questioned when nothing happened on the screen.

“I don’t think so. Killer just questioned what he did” I said.

“I think he did something different at the end” Jimin said. He was joining in on the conversation. Of course the last fifteen minutes of the movie.

“Oh Killer upset. He just called him a naughty word” Tae said

“What word?” J hope questioned

“A piece of shit” Tae kept his voice down as he spoke. It had all of us busting up with laughter.

“He did the wrong note” Jimin said going back to what went wrong that the piano didn’t open.

“The audience ate it up though. Didn’t notice a mess up at all” I said as the crowds cheered with approval

“That’s cause they didn’t know better” Jimin said completely serious.

“You knew the wrong note Tom, you knew it”

“ Yes, The audience didn’t”

“What the hell do you mean”

“They never do”

Both me and trinity went back and forth speaking the words exchanged between the killer and the pianist.

“And there are the threats to play the last notes” Jimin said as the killer started threatening his wife.

We watched for several seconds before speaking again.

“The killer is a freakin wimp. Why the hell is he threatening over and over but not actually doing.” I said outraged by what just occurred

“And the other guy is just standing there going why the hell should I? All focus is on her” J hope commented right along with me.

“He trying to talk sense in him” Tae said.

“Oh look they trying to lighten the mood by having her sing” Suga called out.

“I bet you he’s going to sneak those keys in while playing with the other guy while his wife sings” Rap monster commented.

“And he just heard a snuff film in his ear as the killer’s partner gets killed” Kooki said.

“How do you know that?” Tae questioned. “You're too young to know what a snuff film is.”

After that comment the fight screen broke out and we all stayed quiet to watch it happen.

“Oh shit they both just fell on the piano” Suga called out.

“They dead!” Kooki said next.

“No, That piano is dead!” Rap monster said.

“They might be” J hope added. “No, Pianist is still alive, he just sat up”

“Oh were outside now? Whats with the killer music?” Kooki questioned confused.

“It’s a siren” Trinity said.

“Only two bodies? I thought there was more” Rap monsta said from his seat.

“I thought there was four” Suga must have been talking to him.

“Two didn’t actually oh no there’s another body bag. So three dead” Jimin said. “And there’s four” he added when another was rolled across the screen.

“They keep coming” Suga laughed.

“Five” Rap monsta said

“Wife should be upset, her lover is dead” Trinity said as the show focused on the husband and wife.

“You know it never got clarified that she was cheating” I told her as if that had actually been an important thing in the movie, or really that it was in fact apart of the movie and not just us guessing.

“WHy the hell is he leaving” Tae questioned upset.

“Well no duh, he has to go do those keys to see what it opens” I said as the pianist moved towards the truck that held the broken piano.

“Oh yea, the whole point of the killer” Tae said as if just remembering that.

“I bet it’s a key” J hope said with his guessing.

“Oh god. That sounded horrible” At that most of us cringed as we heard the guy play the broken piano.

“Still pressing them may activate the mechanism” Jimin pointed out.

“I don’t think it did, he just walked away, oh hey wait check out that sound” I said as there was a sound and bright light that happened behind his back.

“Something happened” Trinity said sitting up in her seat.

“Show us” Suga said upset they weren’t.

“ What!” I questioned when they still didn’t show us but just ended and went to credits.

“No” We ALL cried out at the same time, or close too.

“What just happened?” Trinity questioned.

“It just ended” I said sounding panicked.

“It didn’t show us what was in the piano” Trinity said.

“No, It’s supposed to. What the hell. I don’t like ending” I whined wanting to know what was in the piano.

We were trying to settle ourselves down even though we still had questions about what was in the piano.

“You know. That was a more interesting movie with you girls commentary almost the entire movie” J hope said looking back at us.

“It really was” Suga agreed. “We could hear you from up here” he added.

“I’m so glad you could hear us” Trinity grumbled. She was crossing her arms over her chest and looking very upset.

“I wish we watched muppets instead” she commented.

“It would have been so much better” Kooki agreed.

Than you two watch it next” I told him still upset about the way the movie ended.

“Really?” Trinity questioned. “Okay, go shoo, switch with Kooki!” she said pushing me out of my seat.

“Hey!” I whined.

“Come here, sit next to us” Jimin said motioning me to change with kooki. Kooki got up and Jin moved over so that I could sit in between Jimin and Jin.

Keeping track no, well, we still have 9 more hours left of plane ride.




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I been having too much fun writing this section out. I've never seen the movie and so most of the commentary I did was first reaction as I saw it. Before editing it down and adding names it just looked so funny seeing all these one liners. It looks so much better after.
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