Save Me : PT 2

Nabi finally moved the last box of her things into her room. It was a simple room with only a twin bed, dresser, and desk. Andrea’s room was similar to hers; it was not much but they did not really need anything big. She made her way back to the living room where Andrea was filling the bookshelf with their books sorting them by series and type. There was a knock on the door suddenly making them both stop. Andrea stood up moving past Nabi so she could answer the door.

“Hello neighbors. I’m Jessamine, I run a boutique a few blocks from here. If you need any help finding anything feel free to ask.”

“Oh thank you. Right now we just need to find the store so we can stock up on food and things.”

“I was going to go to the store in a few hours actually. We can go together.”

“That sounds great. We will be unpacking till then. Oh I’m Andrea by the way and miss shy all of a sudden is Nabi.” Nabi just waved at her neighbor. They said their goodbyes before Andrea closed the door.

“Care to explain?” She was sure Andrea had an idea but she still asked.

“I don’t know why but I thought it might be him.”

“That’s crazy Nabi. He doesn’t even know where you are anymore. Don’t worry about him anymore okay? We are here in a whole new place. Let’s remake ourselves into what we want.”

“Yea you’re right! We can be whoever we want here!” She bounced around happily doing circles around Andrea.

“Calm down woman. Why don’t you go unpack the dishes while we wait on Jessamine?” Nabi bounced her way into the kitchen to put the dishes away. They were thousands of miles away from their old lives. Everything was going to be just fine here.

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I am a young Chef trying to make my way in the world. I am inspired by music, mostly kpop, and love finding new things.
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