Have You Seen The NYC Post-It War?!

So anyone who's been to Manhattan can tell you there's a whole lot of buildings in the borough. And many of those buildings house the offices of some of the world's largest companies. But no matter how high you rank on the Forbes 500, office life is office life and can still get pretty boring.

So what happens when you're a bored office surrounded by other equally bored offices?

Commence the Post-It War.

It all started when one office posted a simple yellow-post it design of 'Hi'.

The rest, you can say, is office supply history.

Leave it to professional photog agency to up the image game.

A food & wine marketing firm raised a glass to the cause.

Then a local publishing house brought the Lorax!

And another media company fought back with Angry Birds!

Soon enough, it was taking up the sides of entire buildings - and the Twittersphere thanks to the hashtag #CanalNotes...

...where it got the attention of Post-It's corporate HQ, who gifted all the offices even MORE Post-Its to battle with!


What design do you think they should try next?

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