Really, Tao?


Ayooo~! Back again with the 3rd card to celebrate a wondrous day! Day 10 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge aka Tao Day!! This boy is such a dork. He cracks me up. Basically he destroys me in every way possible. The shit he says is hilarious. He doesn't care what anyone thinks and i just love that. His guilty smile when he's called out on his shit gives me life. So here is just some the moments and random things that made me smile. Credit to the owners of these fine images.

He has his priorities straight.

This is something I'd like to experience for myself...I mean uh...


That smile ♡♡

Hell yeah. That's the spirit, boo! Well that's it for this card. I'll stop spamming now. It's been fun. I mean I died, but I enjoyed myself ^_^

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