When A Lego Artist Gets A Little Hungry

A couple hours of Lego-building can certainly work up an appetite, and no one knows this better than a Japanese Lego fan that goes by the name of Tary.

Tary's delicious and creative interpretations of popular food items has been viraling over the past few weeks on his personal Flickr account.

And many believe that Tary is SO good that he is probably one among Lego's 40 'Master Builders' around the world.

A 'Master Builder' is the company's term for someone who has truly mastered using Legos as a medium for freestyle works.

Some of these Master Builders then go on to LEGO Certified Professionals (LCP) - actual artists working for the company!

According to his social media, Tary also dabbles in creating Star Wars characters and building Gundam, Japanese toy robots.

Which explains why this melted ice cream kind of looks like some intergalactic tank.

So which one is your favorite? Are you a Lego aficionado yourself? And if so, what do you usually build?

Let me know in the comments below!

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