Jessica's Fly MV Outfits Are Super Cute

Has anyone watched Jessica's comeback music video? The song and some scenes reminds me of Taeyeon's "I". Not saying Jessica was inspired by Tayeon's music vibe but the uplifting vibe is definitely there. Let's talk about Jessica's music video for a minute. I think the song suits her really well and the them of moving on and starting fresh is the perfect comeback song for her.

While I do fine the song refreshing I'm a bit more interested in her fashion. She's a stylist herself and I am curious if she coordinate her own outfits for this music video because it's super cute.

Sheer long sleeve and blue sleeveless silk dress

White floral sheer dress and ballet flats.

Color block shift dress with front flaps!

Her hair and makeup is super gorgeous here.

White sweetheart a-line dress with black ballet flats.

Black lace tier dress!


Honestly, her outfits here are all really cute! Glad she's back!

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