Fictional Characters I Would Date

So I saw this card by@sophiamor about dating fictional characters, and while it wasn't a challenge, it got me thinking and then I wanted to make a card myself. So I'm presenting a challenge if you want, let us know who you would date!!

1. Sesshomaru Let's be honest, Sesshomaru was amazing!! He never wavered and only did what was best for him and those under his care. He would be devoted, brilliant, deadly, and extremely protective, not to mention super hot! Plus, you get a little sister!!

2. Samwise Gamgee Let's be honest, Frodo Baggypants had nothing on Sam. Everyone knows he was the real hero of LOTR. He is sweet all throughout the journey, and he's loyal, devoted, and he never lost his ability to hope and love. He did change, but it only made stronger and gave him the desire to appreciate life and love. Could you ask for a better friend or partner? I think not.

3. Mr. Darcy Oh Fitzwillialm! Lol. I've always been in love with Mr. Darcy since I knew about Pride and Prejudice. Every time I reread the book or rematch the movies (I own two different versions) I fall in love with him all over again. He is a devoted brother, friend, and master; he's also smart, resourceful, connected, hard-working and has a good character about him. What could be better?

4. Momiji Sohma He was my favorite from the beginning: devoted friend, big brother, son, and no matter how dark everything got, he never stopped loving. He tried to stay positive and loved others even when it was painful and he's get nothing in return. Also, he became extremely handsome as an adult. I would have chosen him in a heartbeat.

5. Prince Derek He's one of my favorite non-Disney princes, and let's be honest, even compared to many Disney princes, lol. He's strong, fast, brave, loyal, smart, and loving. He's truly the perfect prince in so many ways. I'd love to date him.

6. Merlin He's loyal almost to a fault. Could you ask for more from a guy? He does all sorts of odd-end jobs, he'd be perfect for all the house chores like mowing the lawn, plumbing, fixing doorknobs, etc. He is hard-working and would give his life for you. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and despite his abilities remains (mostly) humble and honorable. Truly a treasure.

Very true, lol. I had a hard time deciding on who i would actually date, and finally settled on these awesome guys. @InVinsybll,@taylor619cruz,@neevp,@AimeBolanos,@hikaymm,@saori99,@BlackoutZJ,@CreeTheOtaku,@Sharia,@Janxsalas,@nick2232,@koifries,@SimoneSanders,@EmiiAlcid,@NightcoreOtaku,@3awl,@kevauna12,@Lushisushi,@coraweiland,@Hinatahyuga,@UsagiChan,@DietraAngelus,@desireesowah143,@AcaciaNguyen,@HokageJess,@lovethe90s,@KaitlynBottoms,@MinakoTsan,@JeffPalmer,@AllieGrabowski,@sarahdarwish,@SierraBecerra,@jojojordy2324,@ReynadeKpop,@maddiedo,@kyokeo,@MomoChamie,@daniimals,@shelbiisonfire,@pinkfluffyunico,@mycreativename,@Juliag13,@Sankeerthana,@SunsQistina,@NekoYoongi,@kwonsooshi,@sosoaloraine,@SilentPianist,@megancurrent19,@Ligaya,@Defy24601,@koreanfan99,@P1B2Bear,@Yattamae,@Infynitee,@FatimaGarciaa,@Zurny,@wow12wow,@Cx5228,@thatoneoutcast@kpopandkimchi,@Miss148,@honeysoo,@iamrotamrot,@AimeeH,@StephanieDuong,@KaceyDodge,@B1A4BTS5ever,@kpopGaby,@PassTheSuga,@MattK95,@Starbabes,@baileykayleen,@byeolbit,@NatMarie,@KhrystinaLee,@sugajin94,@AgentLeo,@XergaB20,@netchtiBates,@CheyenneJessee,@allischaff,@ocherrylimeadeo,@Meeshell,@ravirie,@DeeNice,@HappyGLAlexis,@Viresse,@AlmaRangel,@edwinb94,@IzzyPerkins,@Boekyeol27,@solodaywithB1A4,@YvonJerzak,@wonsikbrah,@TaeJinMaknae,@TesneemElAlami,@Mastermind2K16,@kelseyblair,@ciabrizz,@Dahliadang,@KellyOConnor,@JustinaMclean,@ToriDaldegan,@ashelynlandon15,@kpopular,@StarlightDria,@RecklessYouth,@AlatheaOwan,@JazminOrozco,@Adetoro,@kpopgirl42,@NayizX3,@squeakk,@paksaedi,@Elanana,@xxxtina,@BTSinsfires@JiyongLeo,@lovetop,@lilbr0wneyes,@resavalencia,@IsoldaPazo,@KristinaCaron,@SarangRavi,@goinnutz22,@JenGambale,@ElishaFisher,@Mikim000,@TesneemAlami,@VeronicaArtino,@jenxchan,@deilig@jessicaacosta90,@KhrystinaLee,@ElleHolley,@JaiiPanda,@ashleyemmert,@Isolate,@sarabear1021,@EliseB,@Lexxsisco,@ScarletMermaid,@Nadinerzz,@narutobandgeek

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