Widen primaries: The closing race between Sanders and Clinton, and voting system

It's been a mixed reaction after the last victory in Kentucky and Oregon. Both Trump and Sanders won Oregon while Clinton won the majority in Kentucky and the race to California in the Democratic primary is clashing, more than the republican primary.

But there is still debate over the Sanders Campaign and how Clinton has so many delegates, so will easily win the Democratic nomination. Bill Press of CNN and Hilary Rosen, both of whom are Democrats, gone back and forth on the whole "but" word during Sanders' talk about condoning violence and the number of delegates Hilary has is enough to win over Bernie. Moreover, Bill mentions how the voting system is rigged and the votes are not received, not just for Bernie, but for both Trump and Hilary. Hilary has strongly disagreed with the voting system and how Bernie is "whining about the process." At this point, there is tension rising in the media over how Bernie should quit, yet he refuses because since he has won Washington state and Oregon, there is bound to be another victory in California. And he believes the voting system is rigged and sees it as a principle in order to keep running.

While it is true that Sanders has over fifteen hundred delegates, as of right now on May 18th, there is no denying that the voting system is, in fact, rigged. Think of it like this: When you go to the ATM to withdraw cash, the screen asks you if you want a receipt. Obviously, you may want to choose "yes" on the screen before the machine gives you the money and identifies you based on your card name and account. In the voting booths, the problem is this: you have no proof for whom you voted. You are the only one who knows for whom you voted. No one else knows for whom you voted - and you have no proof. Why? Because you have no receipt. And even if you have eyewitnesses watching you as you pick a candidate, they'll probably won't even remember you when you first step into the booth due to thousands of people who are in line to cast their vote.

That being said, since we have two more weeks before June, there is tension growing from within me, and there is hardly anything to add but to keep pressing onward.

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