Waifu Wednesday : He's aDORAORAORAble


ten reasons I love the pompador wearing stand user


10: His stand is Super cool even if he breaks things or people who are injured he will fix them in a jiffy(except for the stand user or also can't revive dead organisms)

9: The VA for this character is none other than Yuki Ono who also did voices in a few anime like -Devil is a part timer (Shiro Ashiya / Alciel) - Noragami ( Yusuke Urasawa) - Foodwars! Shokugeki no Soma (Isami Aldini) - Medaka Box (Zenkishi Hitoyoshi) - Maid Sama (Shosei Nikado)


8 His Hair is Fabulous ....Just don't make fun of his hair)

7 : His Bro-mance with Oyakasu is just wonderful

6: He is too adorkable for words

5: His reactions about turtles (he's afraid of them)

4: His poses


3: His father Just sayin' and Yes that man is his dad

2: He loves his family

1: Well, I just like him that's all


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