Your smile takes me away with every breath I take, and I can't wait til I regain it so it can be taken away once again. Your touch transports me to a different realm, one with sparks and butterflies that never escape. And if they do, man I can't wait to catch them again. Your laugh makes me grin, a wide, stupid grin that can't be wiped off. And if it does, man I can't wait to grin like that again. Your presence engulfs me in a warm flame that never dwindles, and if it does, I can't wait to start that flame again. Your everything makes me happy, makes me fly above the clouds that brings my heart to a dead stop, and if it ever comes back, then I cant wait until it stops again. ~KB

"I want to be there for you; for the one who showed me how to love myself. " ~KB
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