Get Kim Kardashian's Textured Waves with a Flat Iron

For the longest time people were obsessed with Kim Kardashian's textured waves. It's effortless, polish and kind of sexy. About a year ago, Kim's hairstylist, Jen Atkin, did hairstyling demo with InStyle and shared her flat iron styling trick to achieve this textured wave.

Jen Atkin (pictured on the far right) is a really respectable hairstylist and I am a big fan. Not only does she know what she's talking about. She goes beyond and shares alternative option to best suit your hair. Take a look at the tutorial below.

You can create dupe with a small amount of conditioner, warm water, and a bit of salt.

Another pro tip (in case you missed it):

Always apply hair products (like the styling cream) starting from the back. She didn't mention this but by doing this your hair will feel less weighed down.

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