NerdBattle! Ken Kaneki vs. Spiderman

Battlefield: Times Square Prep: None No Backup Situation: Kaneki is on the hunt for humans and corners one in an alley. As he's about to devour them, Spiderman interferes.

POWERS AND ABILITIES As a human, Kaneki was weak with a feeble body that has neither muscles nor flexibility. He had poor reflexes, reflecting his terrible athletic skills, which did not improve during his early days as a ghoul. Despite this, he is shown to be very adaptive and a quick learner. He is highly intelligent, having the ability of learning martial arts in a short period of time through instructional books and strict training from Touka and Yomo, making him a competent fighter above the average level. Despite the surgery, Kaneki seems to lack the sense of smell other ghouls have that can differentiate between humans and ghouls; he is also shown to be unaffected by ghoul-detecting machines. After being tortured by Yakumo Oomori and accepting his ghoul side, all the knowledge and skills he learnt are put to use. Kaneki became capable of easily dodging and countering quick attacks with his greatly enhanced reflexes and strength. Such abilities made him capable of defeating Yamori, a half kakuja, and Ayato with relative ease despite both being S-Rated ghouls. His regenerative ability was greatly enhanced as well, being able to heal a broken leg or large flesh wounds in a matter of seconds. Kaneki is also a tactical combatant and uses his intelligence and improvisational abilities to allow him to challenge foes far more powerful than himself. As Haise Sasaki, he is a skilled Investigator -- having managed to climb the ranks from Rank 3 to Rank 1 within as few as two years with only minimal use of his ghoul abilities. He has received training from Kishou Arima and Akira Mado, both considered exceptional Investigators that have molded him into a talented individual. Akira describes him as an Ace, and his skill earned him the illustrious White Wing Medal. As an Investigator, he shows great competence in criminal investigations and is a strong combatant in battle. Haise was noted by Associate Special Class Ato to have similar movement with Arima, which is likely due to their sparring sessions. After accepting his original identity, he is able to fight on par against Seidou Takizawa, an SS-rated ghoul and incomplete Kakuja. He has also been able to wield both his Kagune and Quinque with amazing efficiency, shown when fighting against Hooguro and Shousei. He is shown to be able to fully control his kagune without losing control after accepting original Kaneki personality. After recovering more memories he was able to effortlessly defeat Kanae despite the modification she gained from Eto. He is shown being able not only to damage, but to pierce Eto through her kakuja, cutting her in half right afterwards. Besides Arima, he is the only character up to date capable of besting Eto in combat. Master Swordsman: As Described by Takeomi, Haise's swordsmanship is considered to flow as swift as water, as he is able to go toe to toe with Serpent with minimal use of his kagune and is able to slice ghouls with considerable skill while using a B-Rated Sword quinque such as Yukimura 1/3. QUINQUE Yukimura 1/3 : This Koukaku type Quinque was presumably passed down to him from Arima, and resembles a long blade without a hilt. He wields it with considerable skill, easily slicing through the kagune of a ghoul with minimal effort. KAGUNE Rinkaku: After the organ transplant, Kaneki inherited Rize's kagune which is special because of its abnormal regenerating factor even among the Rinkaku types.[9] While his body is soft and fragile, his Kagune focuses on providing enough brute force to take down even the toughest enemies. The amount of tentacles that Kaneki can create and control increases over the course of the series, being able to create three at the start of the series, four after being tortured by Yamori, six during the raid of Kanou's lab and since his battle with Arima Kishou, his Kagune can produce up to eight tentacle claws that provide him with blades strong enough to cut or pierce a Kakuja.[85] Notably, Kaneki never used more than four tentacles at a time while mentally stable. Years later the number has increased to six.[86] In :re as Haise Sasaki, he was shown to have more control over his kagune as he could combine them to form a three clawed hand and command at least five to do different tasks independent of each other, as shown in his fight against Serpent. He has also been shown using his kagune to rapidly scale large buildings. Sasaki has been noted by Koori Ui as having better control over his kagune than natural-born ghouls.[87] After he "awakens" during his fight with Kanae von Rosewald, Sasaki has shown the ability to shape his kagune into more intricate forms, such as a skeletal arm or a mass of branching limbs.[65] After partially devouring the Owl's kakuja, his kagune can now form eyes and mouths which have the ability to speak much like the One-Eyed Owl's. Kakuja: After consuming Yamori's Kakuja and various other ghouls and their Kagune, Kaneki obtained an incomplete-Kakuja after his confrontation with Doctor Kanou. Kaneki's Kakuja armor are twin centipede-like tails protruding downwards from his back. The massive tails also have sharp talons on the side. In this form Kaneki's kakuja forms a mask that features a hole for his left eye and a bird's beak over the middle of his face. They provide Kaneki with enough power to even overwhelm Shinohara's Arata β 0.8. In this form Kaneki was strong enough to fight on par against Amon who was using Arata proto two and managed to severely injure him by ripping his arm off. As an incomplete kakuja, Kaneki's loses all aspects of his personality when using this form and as a result fights like a psychotic berserker. Due to this, Kaneki only uses his Kakuja form in the direst of situations. After consuming Eto's kakuhou, Kaneki's kakuja form now bears certain similarities to Noro's kagune, sprouting several tentacles with mouths capable of speaking. He can now transform both of his arms into large claws with various mouths covering them. His kakuja mask has changed and now slightly resembles a European Dragon. However the mask can change shape depending on Kaneki's state of mind. He has demonstrated the ability to change the length and shape of his arms in order to adapt to situations more efficiently. In his fight with Arima, Kaneki's kakuja strike is capable of completely destroying IXA in a single, powerful blow.[79]. As of chapter Re: Chapter 76 after regenerating from his wounds Kaneki forms an almost complete kakuja in the shape of body armour with four to six spines jutting out of his back. His arms in this form are distinctly reptilian and can be transformed into structures such as claws and blades to suit his combat needs. Due to now being a stabilized kakuja he retains his personality and sanity. In Tokyo Ghoul √A, he can deploy his Rinkaku alongside it, albeit in a deteriorating form. However, it seems Kaneki cannot control the kakuja and sometimes releases it unwillingly, causing him a great amount of pain in the process.

POWERS Spider Physiology: Due to the Spider bite, Peter received powers similar to those of a common household spider. These include: Wall-Crawling: Peter has the ability to stick to any surface, no matter how rough or slippery. Although this ability is still a bit of a mystery to him, he believes his molecules somehow bond to the surface of whatever he wills. Once he does cling to a surface, nothing can pull him away unless he releases his bond. Superhuman Strength: Peter has the proportional strength of a Spider. This allows him to lift 10 tons. Superhuman Speed: Peter is as fast as any Olympic runner, if not faster. Superhuman Stamina: While perhaps not to the extent of other heroes, Peter possesses exceptional stamina. Being capable of holding his breath for minutes at a time, among other things. Superhuman Durability: Peter is able to withstand a lot of damage. Most of which would kill any normal human. Superhuman Agility: Peter is also extremely agile. Not only among human standards, but in the superhero community as well. Being able to contort to dodge bullets, or whatever an villain might use against him. Superhuman Equilibrium: Peter has near perfect balance and coordination. Superhuman Reflexes: Partly due to his 'Spider-sense', Peter can usually react quick enough to dodge nearly anything. Superhuman Jumping: Peter is able to leap multiple stories in a single bound, which is thought to be proportional to a jumping spider. Regenerative Healing Factor: Peter has an extremely advanced healing factor, being able to recover from injuries in days that would take an average human weeks. Foreign Chemical Resistance: Peter is extremely resistant to things like poisons and other potentially harmful substances. Spider-Sense: Peter possesses a precognitive 'spider-sense' that warns him of imminent danger through a buzzing sensation in the back of his head that varies in intensity depending on how imminent and particularly dangerous the threat is. Being able to detect anything from flying bullets to tainted meat, and even the well being of others, this extra sense is also a bit of a mystery. It does, however, seem to be a product of some kind of psychic ability.

ABILITIES Genius-level Intellect: Peter is very smart, shown to think on his feet while in tight spots and has made various inventions and new suits to help him in a given situation. Skilled Photographer: While he worked for the Daily Bugle, Peter was a photographer that took pictures of Spider-Man that he sold to J. Jonah Jameson. Master Acrobat: Due to his spider-bite, Peter has shown excellent acrobatic skills over the years. Skilled Combatant: Peter has much training from Captain America and many other Marvel heroes including Shang-Chi, who helped him devise a special martial art called "Way of the Spider" which adapts his normal abilities, giving him a fighting style all his own. Peter has bested Spider-Woman, the entire Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Red Hulk and Hulk.

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