***BONUS*** (19+)

You hummed quietly as Jimin peppered your neck with soft kisses. V and Jungkook stood behind you, the former running his fingertips down your back. Jimin’s hands rested at your breasts; Jungkook’s fingers toyed with the hem of your shirt; and V’s teeth were grazing your earlobe. You could feel your body heating up slowly from their teasing. Jungkook pulled your shirt up and off, and shortly after, Jimin was already unclipping your bra. Once your breasts were freed, Jungkook moved to your side to grab ahold of one. Your body tingled as he pinched one of your nipples, and at the same time, you felt Jimin slide his hands down your ribs. He unbuttoned your jeans and kissed your stomach. You gasped as his tongue flicked across your skin. Jungkook kissed your collarbones, moving towards your breasts with gentle licking and sucking. His tongue circled your nipple. One of your hands flew to Jimin’s hair, and the other entangled itself in Jungkook’s locks. You moaned lightly, pushing your hips forward towards Jimin’s mouth. You felt your ass being grabbed harshly, making you gasp again. “Don’t forget about me, [F/N],” V murmured. The deep tone of his voice sent another round of heat through your body. He nipped your earlobe and worked his way down your jaw, and you tilted your head back to meet his mouth with yours. You bit his lower lip as Jimin eased your pants off of your hips. You could feel Jungkook’s warm breath against your breasts as V’s tongue parted your lips. You started to lose track of the sensations around you, including Jimin pulling down your underwear. You snapped back to attention as he kissed your lower lips; it made your knees weak with anticipation. He stood suddenly, calling the attention of the other two boys. “Let’s lay her down,” he murmured, giving you his trademark ‘you’d better be ready’ smirk. You let yourself be led to the bed, and all of your clothing was pulled off before you settled on the sheets. You could see all three faces of arousal looking down at you; they stripped themselves of their shirts, rendering you breathless. V and Jungkook sat on either side of you as Jimin took ahold of your mouth with his own. He was relentless with his teasing, running his tongue along your lips and never kissing you completely. With a smirk, he slid his fingers up and down your clit in an achingly slow rhythm. You rocked your hips to urge him to go faster, but he refused to give in. He moved down your body to your lower lips. Jimin licked your slit, causing you to tremble and gasp. He flattened his tongue and moved upwards towards your sensitive spot. You moaned and gripped the sheets as he repeatedly licked your nub, sucking occasionally. Thankfully, he sped up his ministrations, pushing two fingers inside of you. As your back arched, you felt your legs being pulled open; Jungkook and V were holding them apart. The new position made you powerless to control the pleasure coming from Jimin’s skillful tongue, and with every pump of his fingers, you moaned heavily and shuddered. He flicked over your clit quickly in between heavy licks. Your core tightened rhythmically in time with his tongue. “Ah, Ji… Jimi-ahh!” you called, coming heavily. Your body calmed down from its shudders while Jimin stood. He drew his thumb across his lips, wiping himself clean of you. The sight of it sent a warm tingle in your stomach. “You’re so hot, [F/N],” Jungkook breathed, tightening his grip on your thigh. V released your other leg and ran a hand through his hair as if to agree with the maknae. You stared up at Jungkook, who was still looking at you hungrily. He pulled your arms so you were sitting up and kissed you fully. He trailed a hand up your thigh, tweaking one of your nipples at the same time. Your lips parted in response; he nipped your bottom lip sharply, and you ran your fingers over his well-cut chest and stomach. Soon, your breathing hiked as he pulled down his pants and underwear to reveal his length. You wanted to feel him inside you badly. He kissed your neck and shoulders, teasing your slit with a single finger. He circled it slowly, and you were growing frustrated. You tried to angle your hips so he would give your clit some friction, but he moved his hand away. You pouted a bit at the lack of stimulation. He laid on his back. “If you want to cum, do it.” You crawled over to him and straddled him. Jungkook guided your hips over his length, giving you the go-ahead to begin. You lowered yourself onto him, gasping at the feeling of fullness. You started at a moderate pace; you were eager for friction. Your fingers sprawled across his chest as he started to thrust upwards to meet you. It pushed him deeper, so you sped up to increase your pleasure. His fingers dug into your skin as his mouth gaped sensually. You bit your lip at the sight of his face, coming undone as you rode him. Your core tightened quickly, and Jungkook took ahold of your hips, forcing you into a quicker pace. Your moans and breathing were ragged and broken. “Jungkook, I’m… I—!” you gasped, cutting your own words off as you came around him. Your body arched as you threw your head back. He came while you were still shuddering, pulling your hips down on him hard. You were both panting heavily as you climbed off of him. You laid down on your back, and you felt another heat in the pit of your stomach as V’s eyes met yours. He licked his lips and smirked at your tired form. “You’re not done yet, [F/N],” he murmured as he leaned over you. Jimin sat above your head, stroking your hair as V kissed you roughly. “You’re going to have to help me, too,” Jimin added softly. His words barely registered as V’s tongue dominated your mouth, dancing around your own in dizzying circles. V ground his crotch against yours; it hurt a little bit, but it rubbed your clit the right way. You felt your body ready for one more round as he lifted himself back up. “On your hands and knees,” he commanded softly. You obeyed him, feeling aroused from the spread of your legs. As V undid his zipper behind you, Jimin’s face came into view. He was palming his erection, and you eyed him hungrily. “I think you owe me, [F/N].” He climbed onto the bed, holding his length in front of your mouth. Your tongue flicked his tip before you took it in your mouth. You sucked lightly, hearing him hiss in pleasure above you. As you licked up his shaft, you felt your legs being pulled apart. You swirled your tongue around Jimin, V plunged into you in a swift movement. You gasped again, trying hard to keep your tongue in action. V gave you no time to adjust; he slammed into quickly and relentlessly. It was all you could do to suck on Jimin’s length. You gripped the sheets in surprised as you felt an unexpected hand on your swollen clit. It was Jungkook, and he was circling your nub in time with V’s hips. You took Jimin deeper in your mouth and moaned; his fingers wove through your hair in response. “Fuck, [F/N],” he moaned. The three of them were moving together in harsh, uncontained movements. V’s grunts were audible above the sound of slapping skin and Jimin’s moans. Jungkook didn’t miss a single beat with his fingers as V’s movements became less controlled. With a final “fuck”, Jimin pulled himself out of your mouth and came on your back. With your mouth free, your moans grew more frequent until your core knotted almost violently. Your knuckles were white as you gripped the sheets as hard as you could. As if on cue, V gripped your ass. “Please, ahh! Tae!” Your arms buckled, and your face hit the mattress as you finished. Your body was shuddering as harshly as V was going inside you. He grunted one last time, muttering something that resembled your name as he came. Jungkook’s fingers rode you out of your high, and V pulled out of you. The three of you sat in silence while you tried to breathe. Despite having been the roughest, V was the first to make an effort to clean off your back. His surprisingly gentle hands increased your sleepiness, and once your back was wiped, you rolled onto it. Jungkook rubbed your cheek with the back of his fingers, making you smile. Jimin laid on the other side of you. He wrapped an arm around your stomach while Jungkook held your hand. “We should do that again,” V suggested as he sat on the edge of the bed. “I think so, too,” Jimin smirked. “What about you, Jungkookie?” “Next time, I get to taste her.”


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