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You stood in center of a fast moving streets. you tried to call out to anyone but everyone didn't seem to pay mind to you. almost as if you couldn't been seen or heard... like if you were dead... You ran pass people suddenly the road became a long empty street in the middle of nowhere. you continued running as the air got thicker and difficult for you to breathe. it was getting colder and colder the night sky becoming darker, it felt like you were in a freezer; you could see your breath as you exhaled. You look around you realize you were still in the same spot the road never seem to end yet you never seem to even take a step. you look down at your feets that had cuts and scratches at bottom of them. it didn't seem to hurt you as you continue to walk. you weren't sure where you were heading but you didn't give up on reaching it.

"(Y/N)..." a voice echos

"(Y/N)....dont...stop.." the Voice muttered words.

"Why did...please...don't...leave.. " the Voice cried out

but who could it be that's crying so much for you? and why does it sound like its in so much pain? you look around to which you suddenly were in a hallway standing in front of two big wide wooden doors. you slowly open them. The room was filled with flowers all around and blurry shadowy figure all sitting on these long brown beaches. you walked down the read rug. you seem someone bent over a dark blue wooden casket.

"please don't leave me.." the boy cried

"Please I know I did wrong but I wanted you all to myself..."

"Please wake up I'm sorry"

"I didn't protect you and now your gone"

"Please don't go...please make this nightmare stop" you felt a aching feeling inside of your chest.

you walked over to the crying boy who couldn't seem to stop crying so desperately and hopelessly. you placed your hand onto his shoulder as you watched the boy slowly look behind him.

"Jimin.." you gasped

"Why did God have to take you from me (Y/N) please come back to me please"


"you didn't tell you plan on doing this to her!" Suga shouted.

"relax it's only sleeping pills Yoongi it won't kill her" Mark assured suga as he continued driving.

"Mark why do you plan on doing now?" Yugyeom asked nervously.

"You just do as your told and you won't have to worry about anything okay" Mark response as he smiled became devilish.

Suga stared at your motionless body that laid complete lifeless on the car seat, brushing your silk hair from your pale colorless face behind your ear. your head resting on his lap he leans in a bit to check of your still breathing. Mark notice the look of concern in suga face.

"wow the feels are strong in this one" Mark remarks as he smirks at suga who glare at him.

"geez don't give me that look you pissy bitch" Mark insults.

"Mark I don't think this is okay we should do this, I know you really like Jackson but this isn't going to help you ge-"

Mark press the break causing Yugyeom body forcefully falls forward and hit his head.

"Mark what the hell! Yugyeom you okay?" Suga shouts as he hold onto your tightly.

"Yugyeom, if you hadn't been such a noise fuck you wouldn't be in this situation okay so shut the fuck up because I know how to make your death look like an accident" Mark warns Yugyeom with a serious look that quickly become friendly yet frightening at the same time.

Yugyeom gulps and shivers with fear as he nods his head. the look in his eyes look that called out for help. Suga cringed his teeth as he watched Yugyeom trembled at his seat. he was to young to be experiencing something like this. he sound be involved in marks twisted plan. The drive was quite but uncomfortable you could feel the intensity in the air.

Buzzz Buzzz

Suga Phone goes off. Mark quickly looks at suga from the car mirror. Suga look back at him with a confused look. Suga slowly and carefully pulls out his phone from his pocket. he looks at the caller ID, His eyes grow wide.

"who is it?" Mark asked suga he notice the look on his face.

"um.." Suga hesitate to respond.

"I said who is it!" Mark growls.

"It's Namjoon that it" Suga response.

"Shit, answer it" Mark orders.

"No if I do he'll ask where I'm at" Suga objects

"Just answer the God them phone and lie say your with Yugyeom hang out"

"Namjoon won't believe that mark. he knows I don't hang with people much" said suga

"ugh you fuck just do it he'll get worried if you don't either so JUST FUCKING DO IT!" Mark demands him as he shouts angrily at suga.

"Suga do it or I swear to God I'll push Yugyeom out of this moving car" Mark threatens

suga inhale sharply as he looks at Yugyeom who eyes become water and shakey. Suga looks down at his phone then at Yugyeom who plead him with his eyes to answer. Suga grunts and frustration and kicks the back of mark seat. Mark rolls his eyes st suga.

"Erph.." Suga clears his throat.

"Hello" Namjoon voice was hear from the other side of the phone.

"h-hello.." Suga stutters.

"Yoongi where are you it's 2AM why haven't you've come home yet?" Namjoon scold him

"um...I'm with a friend right now" Suga struggles to speak a knot in his throat tightens.

"Oh okay but you should have called at least"

"yeah, my bad I gotta go bye" Suga hang up letting out a heavy sigh.

"seen that wasn't so bad now was it" Mark smirks

Finally reaching their destination suga carries your pass out body into a cabin and lays you onto the couch. Mark wraps his arms over Yugyeom putting him into a headlock with his arms.

"You did such a good boy dongsaeng" Mark says as he ruffles Yugyeom hair.

"now just like you did today your going to have to do again tomorrow after our fan meet okay but this time to Jackson drink okay" Mark instructed Yugyeom.

"No..." Yugyeom whisper under his breath.

"What you say?" Mark pulls Yugyeom from the back of his head grabbing a fist full of his hair.

"okay I'll do it" said Yugyeom as he was nearly on the verge to breaking into tears.

the next day Mark and Yugyeom made it back at the dorms before anyone notice they were gone. Suga stay back at the cabin with you as order by Mark. Suga hated listening to that guy but he need the money and it seem like the way to keep you safe.

the fan meet went well as the members head out to celebrate. every were having a good time expect for Jackson he was trying to keep up a smile but had his moment were he daze out and become tearful. Mark seat next to Jackson as he tries to comfort him and make him laugh.

"Cheers on the great work we've done! and for how far we've gotten" JB toast.

Everyone lift their cup of wine and cheered happily. Mark watching as Jackson gulps down his cup of wine. suddenly Jackson become tipsy and clumsy. Jackson rub his eyes as he fan himself. Mark smirk as he watched Jackson slowly become drowsy from the pill Yugyeom slipped into his drink. Jackson got up from his seat as he walked outside for some fresh air mark following along.

"Hey you okay Jackson" Mark place his hand on jackson shoulder.

"yeah just feeling a bit dizzy for some reason" said Jackson

"really that weird" Jackson stared at Mark as his vision begin to become hazy and foggy.

Mark touched Jackson cheek as he caressed it slowly. Jackson unaware of what's happening he stands there blankly staring at mark.

"just for today pretend that I'm her" Mark whispers into Jackson ear.

"wbat? " Jackson said drunkly.

Mark smirks as he leans close into Jackson and kiss him. Jackson pushes mark away as he wiped his lips looking at mark who he wasn't sure if it was really mark as his vision was hazed. Mark pins Jackson against the wall and kiss him again, Jackson being weak he was no match for Mark and quickly drifting off Jackson loses conscious.

"What did you do to him?" Mark turns to see Junior.

"Nothing why"

"don't play dumb mark I knew something seem funny about you today" Junior wasn't followed by Mark act as he pushed him away from Jackson.

"people like you get on my nerves you know that" Mark said as he grabs junior and tossing him towards the balcony.

Mark lean junior close to the edge of the balcony with a unsatisfied look in his eyes. Junior wiggles around as he tries to touch the ground but only his toes could barely reach.

"I use to think you were someone that would understand me considering your undying love for JB. but obviously your just those idiot who rather stay friend then try and seduce them into falling for you tsk tsk" Mark said.

"I rather be close to him as a friend then be hated by him for being a crazy fuck like you" junior spits at mark.

"You pieces of shit don't push it" Mark pushes Junior closer to the ledge.

Junior grab onto marks hand and holding tightly he pulls him close wrapping one arm around his waist.

"Yah! let me go!" Mark shouts

"if I go down your coming with me" Junior said as he started deep into mark eyes with hate filled into them.


Meanwhile suga notice you had woken up and check if your okay. your body was drenched with cold sweat, your lips becoming a light dark blue and your cheeks losing their rosy color. Suga panic he didn't know what to as he pace back and forth biting his nails. he looked at his phone hesitating on calling Jimin who knew exactly what to do in a situation like this. but he couldn't call him other wise he'd find out what happen and what mark had plan and that suga helping him. as if Jimin couldn't trust suga enough already. he grunts and kicks the wall.

you began to shiver a bit which freaks suga out. he had no choice as he quickly dials Jimin.


"Jimin she becoming cold and pale"

"What? Suga what are you saying?"

"I think she dying I don't know what to do?" Suga voice cracks as tears fall.

"where are you" Jimin said

"i'm not sure Mark was the one who bought us here" Suga explained

"Why the fuck where you with Mark suga" Jimin grunt.

"Jimin she not breathing right! what do I do!? I fuck up Jimin please help me I didn't want it to get this far" Suga cries out as your breathing decreased.

"stay calm I'll be there soon" Jimin exclaims.

Jimin hung up and quickly grab his keys and leather jacket as he rushes out of the dorm with telling anybody he made his way to JYP company. Jimin was in a rush he took the stairs instead. making into the party room he barged in.

"Jimin what bring you here" YoungJae greets Jimin who just smile and look around for Mark.

"Hey um where mark?" Jimin asked

"I think he outside in the balcony why?" JB respond.

not answering JB Jimin let himself in and headed to the balcony. where he finds mark standing. Jimin was about to rush him when he notice someone else.

"If I go down your coming with me" He over heard Junior voice.

"You dumb shit let me go" Mark nudges Junior

trying to get Junior to let go mark failed to do so and accidentally cause them both to fall over the ledge. letting go of mark junior grabs onto the ledge and mark hand. Junior looks down at mark look is staring at the how far high he was from the ground. he began to chuckle as he begins to think to himself maybe if he let go he'd finally feel free.

"Don't do it" Junior said. Mark look up at junior who look worried.

"junior let me go i want to fly" Mark smiled as tears slipped from the side of the his eyes.








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