How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last with Treatment? The Data Tell You

Talking about “how long do hemorrhoids last with treatment?” we need to also discuss about several factors that support the hemorrhoids improvement. Those factors include diet, lifestyle habits, exercise and natural cures or treatments. The better diet, habit and exercise you have will make the hemorrhoids last shorter moreover if one has the hemorrhoids for the first time. This can last in a few days only. Of course, those factors need to be also supported with some treatments. The type of treatment will also require different time to heal the hemorrhoids.

Some Data and Opinions about Healing Hemorrhoids

how long do hemorrhoids last with treatment

Actually, there is no one can exactly say about how long do hemorrhoids last with treatment. The healing periods are various depend on so many factors, including the tenderness, pain, itching, and severity of the hemorrhoids. Most of the sufferers feel better to say that they heal their hemorrhoids about two weeks, although there is no definite time about this healing period. In fact, most of them feel better after that period of time. The condition of the sufferers may also influence how long do internal hemorrhoids last and how long do external hemorrhoids last.

How long do hemorrhoids last with treatment for the first time sufferer? It is different from how long they last for those who had hemorrhoids before. However, when the condition worsens, the healing period may be longer. For those who get recurrent hemorrhoids, they commonly suffer from the hemorrhoids for at least 2 weeks before recovery. In fact, the recurrent hemorrhoids are more difficult to heal than the first time hemorrhoids. They require more patience and carefulness. Sometimes, women suffer from hemorrhoids during their pregnancy because of the extra their intra-abdominal pressure that causes pressure on the pelvic and rectal veins.

Hemorrhoids can be healed naturally and medically. How long do hemorrhoids last with treatment for the natural treatment? It will depend on the types of hemorrhoids and times of occurrence. The data about the natural recovery time has been showed above, including the untreated hemorrhoids that will be healed within a week, external hemorrhoids that develop a blood clot will be naturally healed between 3 weeks and 3 months, and the number of the occurrences will increase the amount of recovery time.

When you deal with medical intervention, how long do hemorrhoids last with treatment? This will depend on the type of treatment that you take. If you take ligation treatment or using rubber brands, it may take between 7 and 10 days. Using infrared coagulation, you can heal the hemorrhoids in between 3 and 4 weeks. Several weeks are needed to fully heal after surgical procedures.

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