It's been awhile so hope not to disappoint. this week for me it will be at the girls of absolute Duo which is one of my favorites

Julie Sigtuna (ユリエ・シグトゥーナ Yurie Shigutūna?) Voiced by: Nozomi Yamamoto[2] (Japanese); Bryn Apprill[3] (English) Julie is a girl with red eyes and silver hair, styled in twin tails who becomes Tor's partner at the academy.[4] She takes a liking towards Tor and after some time she becomes his duo. She is from a village named Gimlé in Scandinavia. Her Blaze is a Sword Type, known as Twin Blades. The reason she came to Japan and enrolled to Kouryou Academy is because she wants to get stronger to avenge her family's death; the scar on her back serves as a reminder of the incident. Because of this she seeks out Tor for help and to teach her his Final Move. Julie says "Yes" and "No" in Danish/Swedish/Norwegian: "Ja" (ヤー Yā?) and "Nej" (ナイ Nai?). One of her interesting features is her single strain of hair that stands and moves around whenever she says "Ja" (ヤー Yā?) or agrees to something. It also moves when she is happy. Tomoe Tachibana (橘 巴 Tachibana Tomoe?) Voiced by: Ayaka Suwa[2] (Japanese); Whitney Rodgers[3] (English) One of the female protagonists and Tor and Julie's classmate. She is a typical yamato nadeshiko character, who is smart and talented and possesses a dignified atmosphere. She cares very much about the people who are close to her especially Miyabi, whom despite of being weak still chooses her to form a duo. She is very much into martial arts and Shogi. She can never tolerate idly work, so she always wakes others when they're about to be late. Being a vegetarian, she often gives Toru a plate of vegetables to maintain his stamina and power. Her Blaze is a Kusarigama. Miyabi Hotaka (穂高 みやび Hotaka Miyabi?) Voiced by: Ayaka Imamura[2] (Japanese); Ashleigh Domangue[3] (English) One of the female protagonists who is a buxom girl, she forms a Duo with Tomoe. She is also in Tor's class and tends to be shy around others.[4] Her shyness especially around boys comes from how she used to be in an all-girls school before coming to Kouryou Academy. She lacks stamina that keeps her from doing any physical activity for long periods of time. She eventually comes to realize she is in love with Tor and confesses, but as he was about to accept her feelings, he instead turned her down telling her that he's too weak. Despite his rejection, she takes Toru´s words to her heart, even accepting Equipment Smith´s offer to become stronger, getting a Unit suit, despite having to fight against her friends. Her Blaze is a huge and heavy lance which is capable of doing large scale destruction, however she has a hard time using it as she lacks stamina. Lilith Bristol (リーリス・ブリストル Rīrisu Burisutoru?) Voiced by: Haruka Yamazaki[2] (Japanese); Caitlin Glass[3] (English) A transfer student from England came from an affluent family. She is a very exceptional student whom at a young age has learned how to shoot and hunt, however, she is also selfish and arrogant. She is called an "Exception" and due to this, she claims to be able to do anything regardless of the rules. She went to Japan in order to form a duo with Tor after hearing news about his capability and being special just like Lilith, however much to her disappointment Tor declines. She later falls in love with Toru, and declares he will be her future husband and win his heart. Though she is officially enrolled in Kouryou Academy, she never attends class claiming that she had already finished her studies a long time ago which is why she prefers loitering around the school garden sipping tea with her confidant Sarah. Her Blaze is a rifle, and she is a superb marksman. Though she is armed with a weapon that she can fire from a distance, she is surprisingly very agile to the point that she can shoot anybody at point blank range.

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