One Call Away Pt 8

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WARNING MATURE CONTENT AHEAD THERE WILL BE A SECTION YOU CAN SKIP......(this is just a heads up the mature content isn't till later down.)

"mmmm" I stretched and opened my eyes. Jin was still sleeping next to me. I knew he was going to have a hangover so I quickly got up and got some aspirin and water and set it on the table next to the bed. I crawled back into bed and just laid and watched him. Finally he started moving. He didn't open his eyes and just started reaching out. He brushed past my arm and stopped and started reaching towards me. I giggled and then he got ahold of me. "What are you doing?" I asked smiling. "I just was checking if you were still here." "You could have just opened your eyes." "yea" He opened one eye and peaked at me. "How's your head?" "It's fine...sorta." "Drink the water and aspirin next to you." He let go of me and did as I asked. Then turned back to me and rolled over so he was on his elbows and looking at me. "Thank you." He pressed his lips to mine. "Jin. Are you still drunk?" "I really wasn't thaaat drunk" He smiled " you know what you said?" "I do...I know everything I said." "And?" "I'm not taking any of it back." He rolled over more and was now on top of me holding himself up. "Jin..." I could think the butterflies were back. "I meant what I said. I love you. I love you more than a friend." I pulled him down to have our lips connect once again. "I'm glad. I love you too." "Now do I have your permission?" He leaned down and kissed my neck and nibble at it. "mmhmm" with that his lips were back on mine.


WARNING SMUT AHEAD.....LET'S SEE IF I CAN GET THIS DOWN. You can skip this part.....just scroll down. .....

...... ..... .... ❤ ....... .... .... .... .... .... His hand went down my side as he kissed down my jaw all the way to my neck and pulled part of my shirt down to kiss my collar bone. His hand landed on my thigh and he squeezed. I figgited and giggled. "Sorry it tickles." He removed his hand from my thigh and grabbed my hips. He grinded on me i could feel his member growing and me getting wetter. He met my lips again and started working on sliding my shorts off. I started to move his off as well. It was a fumbly mess. But once both of us were rid of our shorts I went for his shirt. I quickly pushed him back enough to sit up and take his shirt off. I started sucking on his neck and randomly bitting. He moaned. His hands went under my shirt and worked at unclasping my bra. once he got it he ripped my shirt off if me. He actually ripped it right down the middle. "Damn." was all I could think. I never had a guy rip my shirt off of me and it turned me on more. He made the animal in me come out. I quickly flipped him onto his back and pinned his hands above his head. "I'll take control now baby" He liked that I had him pinned you could see it in his eyes. I started at his lips and worked my way down. I bit on his neck and sucked. His moans made me smile. I continued working my way down and had to let go of his hands so I could go farther down. I stopped at the top of his boxers and glanced up and smiled then pulled his boxers down. His member sprung out. I grabbed it in my hand and started pumping him. I loved hearing him moan. He wasn't expecting me to take him in my mouth so when he moaned my name I was please. "Oh Fuck....(y/n)" I sucked at first then slowly teased him. I licked around his hard member and flicked the tip with my tongue. He was twitching and trying to control it. I finally took him in my mouth again and with his help he hit the back of my throat. I gagged but tried to work past it. He was moaning up a storm. "Oh God (y/n)" He moaned and then I felt a warmth fill my mouth. I sucked a few more times and then pulled back and swallowed all of him. "Damn...." "You taste good." I smiled and he pressed his lips to mine. "Now it's my turn." He flipped me over. He started sucking on one of my nipples and squeezing my other breast. It felt so nice. He licked down to the top of my underwear and used his fingers to pull them off. He didn't waste any time. He licked and sucked on my clit. He swirled his tongue around and pushed it in. I was trying to pull away because I was shaking from how amazing it felt but he just grabbed my hips and pushed his face closer. I moaned and started shaking more. "Jin....ji....oh" I came. He continued to push his tongue in a few times then moved away. "You tasted amazing." I blushed and looked at him...there was a little bit of me on his lip and I leaned forward and licked and kissed him and pulled back. "Your right I do taste amazing." I smiled. "That is too sexy!" He pushed me down again and we started kissing again. "Now let's have a little more fun." He smirked and pushed his hand between my legs and started pumping one finger...then two me. "Fuck me already! I want you in me." He smirked. "As you wish princess."



I was completly happy. Jin was holding me in his arms and kept randomly kissing the top of my head. "Do we have to leave this bed?" I asked "I wish we didn't. " "Let's stay here...we don't need anything." "Except food and water and Oh yea we need to go to the bathroom and shower." "Jiiiiin " I whined "I know princess you are too cute." He kissed my nose. "Can I ask you something?" "Yea anything?" "How long have you liked me?" "Well...let's see we met in 2nd grade we were 8......and I think when I realized what it was....I'm going to say I was 16. But I kept going out with stupid girls thinking it was a phase since you were my best friend." "I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner." "It's ok....If you would have never had any problems with your ex you probably wouldn't have..." "Jin don't say that....If I would have realized sooner you liked me I would have never had that asshole of a boyfriend I've liked you since I was 14" "I'm so stupid I was afraid of destroying our friendship." "Well we have already crossed that line....but we are safe you will always be my best friend." I leaned up and kissed him. We started getting more into it. "Wow! Jin I hope you guys didn't have sex when you were drunk." We stopped kissing and turned to see Suga standing in the door way. "Dude heard of knocking?" Jin said "I did and then got tired of waiting and just walked in. We have to do a few things today...but seeing as you guys are....what together now?" "Yea we are." Jin said causing a smile to form on my face. "Ok I'm assuming you want her to join us today then?" "Yes." "Wait what are you guys doing today?" I asked "How about you guys get dressed and then we'll talk." Suga said and left. "We just want to get a few things for the group." Jin said kissing my head and getting up. "stupid suga." I whispered "I heard that!" Suga yelled "Oh my gosh." I had my mouth open wide "Yea he's like that" Jin said laughing. After a few minutes we were dressed and at the door. Both Jin and I were stuffing toast in our face as we headed out the door. Jin grabbed my hand with his and we intertwined our fingers Once we were outside we saw the rest of the guys. "Yay! They are a couple finally" Jimin said "Yea." I was blushing and Jin just held my hand tighter. Most of the day was going from place to place looking for something. I never knew what but I could guess it was music related. After what felt like forever we did get to eat. While we were waiting for our food we were talking when I felt Jin's hand on my inner thigh. I looked at him and he smiled and started inching closer. I placed my hand on top of his to stop him but it didn't work. He was going to play with me in public! I got to admit it was a turn on but I was freaking out. "So how was Jin this morning?" Tae said and I looked up and my face turned red. "um." my voice was shaking because of what Jin was doing. "He did drunk a lot." Kookie added. oh that's what they meant. "Yea he.... was he.... didn't really have know what I need to go to the bathroom. " I quickly stood up and ran out of the room. I was too worked up. I don't remember ever having this kind of experience with Brad. This was something amazing but at the same's strange. I calmed myself down and finally walked out of the bathroom. I walked right into someone. "I'm sorry." I said not looking at them. "ha....sure" I started to walk away but they grabbed my wrist. I looked at them and I almost died. "Let go of me." I tried to pull away. "Ha...too bad Baby....Jin won't come for you now....he is distracted." I was being pulled out of the restaurant through the back door. "BRAD LET ME GO!" I screamed hoping someone would hear. He kept pulling me away. I looked back to see if anyone was looking and no one. "JIN!!!" Why was I too weak. What was going to happen to me.


I couldn't keep my hands of of her. I was so happy to call her mine. It was cute how she let me do what I wanted even though there were people around. After she ran off is when they started to figure out what I was doing. "What was that?" Hoseok asked. I smiled and lifted my hand up and licked the fingers. "Dude seriously!" Namjoon said "what?" Kookie and Tae said "It's adult stuff you don't need to know" I said laughing. I kept looking back at the door (y/n) ran out. Hadn't she been gone too long. I stood up going to check on her when a lady came over to us. "We have a special gift for you sir." "Why me?" "Oh we had a request that it was your birthday today." I looked at the guys. they looked confused. It wasn't from them. "Who requested it?" I asked "A female." was all she said. Maybe (y/n) did this. Some music started. It wasn't too loud but I stood up because this didn't seem like (y/n) would do this and not be here. That's when I heard it. "JIN!" I took off towards the voice.

So what do you think???? For those who read the smut how was it? This was my second attempt and I kept him still innocent sorta lol. What do you think will happen next???? Will Jin get to her in time? #:@21francoamberco@93yogurt   @4dalientae A:@AbbyRoscoe@AimeeH@applecake452@AdreannaLyn@aliahwhbmida@AmiArt@AyameTenchu@AshleyAndino@anarose@Alyessiazavala@ammagrande@AlexisRiver @AvisSpirit B:@BtsIsLife@BrendaPham @BetseyBleau@BelencitaGarcia@BulletproofV@BridgetJara @BetseyBleau@baileykayleen @bubblekookie C:@Cassierchiqua@CreeTheOtaku@ChelseaAustin@cutiepandacat@chisom756@CheyenneJessee@CamrynCherry@CallMeMsDragon@Choijiah@CrystalV@ChelseaJay@CindyHolguin D:@DekaraMiller@DanaAmoi @DiamondGregory @DanaMichelle@DawanaMason@DeyaniraEstrada@drummergirl691@DesireeChucklez@DestinaByrd@Defy24601@disorono@DonnaLykaRoxas E:@EXOAsf@Emealia@EWillsea@elizabeth1234@Ercurrent @EmilyCayetano@EwSeungkwan@EniorehFrancois@Eliortiz13@EmmaJolie @exobts947 F:@Falselove@funfunbunbun@fionafifimonkey @faith92 G:@gyapittman@Gaarita100@Gaehwa@Gladness @GeniferEskue H:@Helixx@HopeAndSunshine@hopekookie@HyunnieKim@heidichiesa@HayleyEastman@hyunsaeng638@hanheeyoung1126 I:@Ilikepancakes@inuyashagal@IsoldaPazo@IsisMayaVelasco@Ivonvons@Izzy987 J:@jeonjungkook8@JessicaSchnipke@JayDaeKang@justcallmekyki @JasmineGregory@jojojordy2324@jjrockstar@jaebumbae@jiminakpop @JackieG1617 @JessicaFigueroa@janessaakemi@JessicaEvaristo@JasminMartinez@jessicacheung97@JinsPrincess86@Jinnyrod3@jgallegos222@jazzymgriff@JenelleEspinoza@janellym123@JeniseRamos  K:@KatiePrihodiko@Kiyofugi@KaeliShearer@KaitlynHewitt@KendraReeve@KellyOconnor@kmeier230@KristinaCaron @KayLeeRose94@KayLeeRose94 @KassieXiong@klpowell7813@kcastaneda170@kpossible4250@kmayong @KassandraSosa@KarlythePanda66@KoreanDramaMaMa@KrystaDaricek@KarolinaTrevino @KeraDelatorre@KpopQueenaBee L:@LizzyRubyCiss@leelee12@luna1171@LemonLassie@lopleaf19@lashonda0917@LaurenDimalanta@LysetteMartinez@LunaFergus@Lindseypls @LizaNightshade M:@MaritessSison@MelissaGarza@merryjayne13@Misschimchim@MykelHobbs@Mikim000@MichelleRosa@MalihaAhmed@Maddie27@mrsjeon@MariaMontoya1@michievip@Mikim000 @MichelleIbarra@may99@MrsChanyeol@MomoChamie@MsLoyalHeart @milcalopez963@MadAndrea@megancurrent9@MichelleMonroe@Msrayray95@mellyortiz@myylifeisnow N:@Nikolmaii@NicoleJolly@ninjamidori@narutobandgeek@NicoleFireRose@NaBi7 O:@OliviaZenger@OhItsJas@Orihemay P:@PatriciaS@priscy513@ParkHwaYoung@Princessunicorn@Princess2328@pharmgirlerin Q:@QueenLee@QueenLele R:@resavalencia@ReynadeKpop@RKA916@raenel@RandomName @Rosa420 S:@SherrySahar @SugaOnTop   @StefaniTre  @SummerWhipple@SierraBecerra@SarahIvester@SeventeenBias  @shelbiisonfire@syodii@SugaMint @SugalessJams@Sugajin94@summerblack2@SindyHernandez@shellyfuentes70 @staceyholley@SusiBosshammer @SugaMint   @SaraHanna  @szewwy@saraortiz2002@SamanthaRamdath @sutcheks3@sarahdarwish@Starbell808 @StephanieAyalah @Stephany123@Saeda1320 @shelby101@SamanthaAcosta@SerenityThaoy@SweetDuella T:@Tigerlily84@tiffany1922@tayunnie@themrshongki@TracyLynnn@TesneemElAlami@thePinkPrincess  @tinathellama@terenailyn@torchix  U:@unnieARMkey@usagichan20104@UnnieCakesAli V:@Valerie816  @VeronicaArtino @vipgirl5@vlargo@viviano6@VKookie47    @VIPFreak2NE1@VatcheeAfandi99@ValerieAlissaPa@VikaAlex@VixenViVi W:@wordlesseyes X:@XergaB20 Y:@yaya12 Z:@Zephoria

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