I almost got in trouble with the police+I'm back~


First of all, I'm back on Vingle! YAY! I know I said that I would be gone until the 20th but since I'm already done with finals and my grades are pretty much set in stone by now (Lowest grade is a high B!!! I don't have to deal w/my parents' yelling!) I figured it'd be ok to download the app again. I missed fangirling with you guys! Also, thanks for tagging me in your cards while I was gone. It'll take me a while to go through the hundreds of notifications I have but I'll check everything out eventually.


Now for the interesting part of this card: How I had to deal with the police today

So what happened is some mofo decided it was a good idea to prank call the school during fifth period and tell them that there might be someone with weapons on campus, so they called a code blue and had everyone lock their doors. The code blue went on for about an hour before the vice principal came into the room I was in (I wasn't in my own class so it took them a while to find me lol) and pull me out so that the police could talk to me. Obviously I was like ,"WTF I didn't do anything wrong", and it turns out that... Wait, I should probably tell you this first. I've had this one teacher for 3 years and so my classmates and I decided to buy her a fridge because she always brings food and drinks to class and she doesn't have her own fridge. We gave her the fridge today and she was really happy lol. Anyways, the police called me out because in the midst of searching the campus they found a large box outside of one of the buildings, which they thought might've had a bomb in it. I was the one who ordered the fridge and had it delivered to my house and coincidentally the box happened to have my name on it. My teacher had left it outside of the building to be recycled because it was taking too much space in her class. They had to call her and confirm that my story was correct before they let me go back. So basically, the entire school had to stay in class throughout all of lunch and part of sixth period because of some stupid prank caller and because there was a large box with my name on it outside one of the buildings.

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