(LIVE RECAP) Time Slip Dr. Jin ep. 3

Time Slip Dr. Jin live recap will begin TONIGHT on 10.pm. Don't miss it!!!! Can Jin Hyuk save Minister Kim? Will the epedemic spreading in the village bring Jin hyuk and Young Rae closer? The story of modern times Dr. jin in Josoen Dynasty continues TONIGHT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk (JH) Park MIn Young as Yoo MIna (future) / Hong Young Rae (Past)(YR) Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak (KT) Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung (HE) Lee So Yeon as Choon Hoong (CH) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time Lapse Dr Jin Ep 3 LIVE RECAP start now..... The episode started on the execution scenes. Minister Kim fainted. The official doctor asked what happened to Minister Kim these few days. Minister Kim's servant said Minister Kim slipped and hit his head few days ago. The official doctor said there's nothing to worry about, but jinhyuk said the otherwise. If Minister Kim is not treated quickly he can lose his life. KyungTak asked if he can save Minister Kim's Life. jinhyuk said he will do his best Minister Kim had hematoma in his brain, Jinhyuk had to do another surgery. Young Rae asked Kyung tak if she can accompany Jin hyuk in the surgery since she also helped Jin Hyuk in his brother's operation. Kyung Tak allowed her. The operation begin. The Official doctor was surprised Jinhyuk cut the Minister Kim's head On the other hand Haeung was wondering about the situation while Choon Hoong played the Korean string. Suddenly one of the string loose up. Jinhyuk opened the Minister Kim's head but didn't find any blood clot. He suddenly stopped. Kyung Tak asked what happened and reminded him that Jinhyuk life depend on the surgery. Jinhyuk asked to make another hole in Minister Kim's brain Kyung tak was hesitated but Young Rae reminded him that the surgery has to be continued .Kyung Tak felt overwhelmed and shot his gun Thankfully he just shot the door. Kyung Tak asked Jinhyuk to continue the surgery but reminded him to make no mistake. Jinhyuk found the blood cot and the operation was successfully done(FIUH>>>>>) The official doctor was surprised and ran outside the room. After Jinhyuk finished the operation, Kyung Tak said thankyou. ( I guess this means no execution for Jin Hyuk) Young hwi and Young Rae waited Jin Hyuk outside the door. Young hwi asked Jinhyuk to go back to his house as a thank you gesture for saving his life. Jinhyuk refused at first but since Young Rae also seemed to agree. he couldn't say no. Kyung Tak brother came and see Minister Kim's condition. He was so mad to Kyung Tak for letting this happened. Jinhyuk arrived in Young Rae house. Young rae said sorry because the room they can give is small. Then she give the ring back to JinHyuk. Jinhyuk want to ask if she had seen him before but hesitated Minister Kim is having a party by the lake. Choon Hoong also came. At the other side. Young Rae hesitated to come to the party but her mother convinced her to come. Jinhyuk and Young hwi also got ready for the party. Young Rae helped Jinhyuk to make his hair to become more Joseon style. On the way to the party, Young rae got upset to her brother. Young Hwi asked Jinhyuk to go first. Young hwi see his gang member and go to some house and have some meeting with gank member Choon Hoong was entertaining the guest in Minister Kim's party. After dancing , she sit next to Minister Kim's side Young Rae and Jin Hyuk arrived at the party. Kyung Tak welcomed them. At the same time Ha Eung was rejected to enter the party. Ha eung was let into the party because Jinhyuk help. Jinhyuk and Ha eung was chatting while walking along the noble man who queqed to present their gift to Minister Kim. (but since Jinhyuk saved Minister Kim's life he can cut the line, hahahahhaha) Minister kim"s welcomed Jinhyuk warmly. But the official doctor is still unsatisfied with Jinhyuk and said some few words. but Minister Kim said since you save my life, jinhyuk can ask anything. Choon Hoong smiled to Jinhyuk and left her seat Jinhyuk replaced her and sit next to Minister Kim Young Rae wanted to leave the party. But Kyung Tak didn't agree then grabbed her hand and take her to Minister Kim. Minister Kim asked what gift did she bring. It was Korean cookies and everyone is smiling. young rae was getting embarassed. Suddenly Kyung Tak said he want to get marry with Young Rae (Young Rae is noble man with low level). Young Rae left the party. Haeung got drunk and danced crazily in front of Minister Kim and guest. JinHyuk left his seat Kyung Tak chased Young Rae. Young rae was crying and felt embarassed. But Kyung Tak talked to her and want her to become his concubine. Jinhyuk saw them and just left the scene. Choon Hoong and one of the official talked on the boat. The official seemed to like her. CH hug the official and asked if he can die instead of her. CH hug the official and threw herself and the official to the water. Jinhyuk saw the scene. he swim and save Choon Hoong who was drowned. Jinhyuk take Choon Hoong to the shore and do CPR (everyone was gasping......kissing woman in public......) The CPR was successfull. Ha Eung was on Jinhyuk side during the CPR. Ch said thank you to Jinhyuk Young Rae saw the CPR. (and get super jelous) then left the scene. Jinhyuk saw her leaving and chased her . All official was asked to come back to the palace. On the way, Young rae and Jinhyuk meet a boy. The boy sell some vegetable with his mother. The boy was crossing the road when some officer came in their horse. The mother saved the boy who was about to be hit by the horse. The boy's mother bleed in her head. Jinhyuk came again to the rescue.( Kyung tak saw everything but just left) Young Rae ran home to take jinhyuk bag to do treatment for the boy's mother. Ha eung came to the scene and help Jinhyuk take the mother back to the Tomag tribe house (the mother village) Young Rae was bringing Jinhyuk's bag for the treatment, but some bandit stole the bag. She chased him, suddenly she was surrounded by some bandits and the head. Young rae took small knife out of her pocket and threatened to kill herself. The bandit saw the bag (and maybe Jinhyuk saved them in the past) and realized whose bag it is. The head of bandit ask one of bandit to accompany her back to the house. Young Rae was out of breath and asked the bandit to go first and deliver the bag At the house, Jinhyuk tried to save the boy's mother. After the bag arrived, Jinhyuk prepared for the treatment. The boy's father came home and said no need to do anything. they are poor and no need to be saved. There were some arguments. Suddenly Jinhyuk fell down and hurt his hand. The mother woke up and said no need to save her. The boy saw that and asked his father to let JInhyuk helped his mother. The father was touched and asked Jinhyuk to help his wife. Jinhyuk asked everyone to leave the room so he can continue the operation The operation continued. Jinhyuk remember in modern time he once refused to do some surgery because the patient didn't have any hope. But now, Jinhyuk think he should do his best. Eventough his finger was hurt, Jinhyuk finished the operation. After the operation, The husband and the boy said thank you to Jinhyuk. On the way home. Young rae treated Jinhyuk Hand. YoungRae said Jinhyuk bag is so amazing and can save people lives. Jinhyuk said, not everyone's lives. Jinhyuk and YoungRae walked to the cliff. Jinhyuk remembered the time he and Mina enjoyed the scenery from the hospital roof. On the way home. some man kneeled down in front of Jinhyuk and YoungRae and started to vomit. Jinhyuk want to help the man, But Young rae was scared and walked few steps behinds Young rae said it is gwejil (some disease) But Jinhyuk guessed it may be cholerae...........What will happened after this. We will know tomorrow............... Next episode preview: Jinhyuk went to the quarantine place for people who got the disease. Ha eung's son was also contracted the disease. He asked Jinhyuk to save his son's life. Young Rae was involved in a fight but Kyung tak came and help her. how will this triangle love end? Can't wait for TOMORROW

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