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"don't let go mark please" Junior beggged him as he tightens his grip.

"Why not?" Said mark with a small grin of saddness.

"Because you can't leave us like this mark"

"junior I've always wanted to know what it be like to fly and be free from all the stress of the world" Mark explained to junior who tears up he couldn't believe the word he was hearing from mark.

"Mark if you want to fly get on a plane because this isn't fly it's falling" said junior, suddenly his hand begins to slip from ledge.

"Let me fall junior, I don't deserve to live not after what I've done" Mark confess

"No mark shut up I won't let go" Junior cooed.

"junior she'll die if no one goes and help her. She at my grandmother vacation house, go tell Jimin to to save her before it's too late"

"Mark you can tell him that yourself" junior shouts as he trys to hold onto marks hand tighter, he could feel Mark slipping from his hold.

"tell Yugyeom I'm sorry for how I treated him please. I'm sorry for being a fuck up" Mark begin to sob a bit,



Mark force a smile as tears streamed down his cheek with one last breath of air Mark let's go of Junior hand.

"MAARRKK!!!" Junior cry out as mark slips from his grip.

Junior Cried out mark name as he watched mark fall farther away. Suddenly junior hand began to quickly slip as his gripped became weak. His finger slide off the ledge one by one when finally, Junior inhaled a deep sharp breath of air as he let's go, closes his eyes; tears escaping from the edges. As he accepted his death.

"Don't you dare lose hope on me damn it" JB grabs onto Junior hand.

Junior open his eyes to find JB half way hanging over the ledge of the balcony and Jimin holding onto JB legs, pulling him back over. JB pulled Junior back onto the balcony; pulling him into his arms. Junior let out a sob that quickly became harder for him to hold back.

"Where mark junior!?" JB asked worried pulling away.

the words became difficult for Junior. The words struggled to escape his knotted up throat. Jimin rushed over to junior, grabbing onto his shoulder and gently shaking junior as Jimin glaring harder into his water eyes.

"Where mark!!??" Jimin asked him.

"I- HE- ugh" Junior Cried even harder grunting as he drop to his knees, the palm of his hands slamming against the ground.

"WHAT happen to mark junior" JB eyes widen with fear.

"he let go of my hand... I couldn't save him... he let go " junior hitched through every cry.

"Junior this is important Did he tell you where (Y/N) at?" Jimin asked worryingly

Junior eyes shot open as he stood up quickly rushing to grab his phone. Junior dialed a number with no hesitation.

"119 what's your emergency?"

"my friend isn't okay and she needs help" junior called the police and ambulance giving them the address to were you where at.

JB and the rest of the member took both Jackson and Mark to the hospital as Jimin and Junior rushed over to Suga and you. by the time they got there the ambulance was already there suga was sitting on the porch with a blanket around him and a nurse checking his pulse. Jimin got out of the car and rush over to Suga.

"Yoongi!!" Jin calls out.

Jimin turns to see Namjoon Jin and Jungkook getting out of a car.

"Is she okay?" Jungkook asked one of the paramedics

"she'll be fine thanks to that boy over there, she got lucky." the paramedics praised suga,

"What did you do suga?" Namjoon asked.

"CPR and I kinda had to suck the poison out of her system." Suga explained.

"how'd you know what to do?" Jungkook asked again

"Google buddy" Suga pats Jungkook on the back.

"What happen to mark and jackson?" Suga remember to ask Jimin, Jimin look over to junior who waited in the car.

"Jackson was taken to the hospital and um..." Jimin struggled to explain. Suga felt a aching pain as he felt guilt and regret. Namjoon and Jin were shocked from the news Jungkook look puzzled. They couldn't believe what they heard,How could it be? The day began to darken as everyone rush to the hospital.


Slowly your eyes started to open; A flash of bright white light peering at you. When you finally open your eyes your vision was still a bit blurry. You rub your eyes as you tried to focus your eye sight. You look around and realized you were laying on the hospital bed again. you slowly sat up and slip on your slipper As you stood up and walked out your hospital room, Nobody seem to be around. you started to head down the hall to the waiting room were you see all of the BTS members and Got7 member sitting there. some fast asleep others staring out the widow and some looking at the ground. You cleared your throat, Jimin looked up and saw you standing there and walked over to you holding onto your hand.

"(Y/N)!." Jimin wrapped his arms around you hugging you tightly.

"How are you feeling?" Suga ask you from behind Jimin.

"I'm okay...um where-"

"Jackson is in a hospital room at the moment getting treated" BamBam cut you off his eyes glared angrily at you.

"Why is he hospitalized what happen?" you asked worryingly.

Suga explained to you what Mark had done to both you and Jackson. he told you about the whole plan he had made and pill and the drink he told Yugyeom to give you guys. You felt so hurt to hear that mark would do such a thing to you. JB told about jackson coming home crying that night of the fight and how Jackson stop eating and started drinking alot. Suga confess about Mark being the one who sent those messages to the girl using Jackson phone. you felt a bit of relief to hear it wasn't really Jackson. you rush over to the information desk and asked the lady to give you Jackson room number. You ran as fast as possible looking side to side at each room, until finally you find Jackson room. Slowly and carefully you open the door peaking into it. You see Jackson sitting up on his bed, staring out the window. you rushed over with excitement and hugged him. Jackson was surprised at your sudden action. But as soon as he notice it was you, he held on to you tightly enjoying your embrace and presence, he let out a breath of relief. Jackson kisses your forehead, you giggle as you kiss his lips. You where so happy to see Jackson, To feel his arms around again, To know that he's okay.

"Erph... excuse me~" Jimin clears his throat as he gently knock on the door.

You quickly pull away from Jackson standing up stiff and still. Jimin let's himself in and walks over to jackson and your side. The look in Jimin eyes were different from usually. His eyes had this type of guilt and lonesome expressions within them. The room was quiet the air was filled with an awkward and uncomfortable aura.

"Jackson there something I need to tell you guys it's about M-"

"JACKSON!!" Bambam barges in, cutting Jimin off as he runs over to jackson leaping into his arms.

"AIGOO, hey bambam" Jackson smile weakly as he was still not fully stable yet.

"Oh my God I'm so glad to hear your annoying voice dude" JB hugs Jackson, bambam still holding onto him.

"BamBam let me hug him too move" Yugyeom whines as he pulls bambam away from Jackson.

"How you feel? You alright do you need anything? Are you hungry?" Said Youngjae pushes away both of the makneas.

"You alright Jackson?" Junior asked with a cracky voice and red and puffy eyes.

"yeah I'm fine, I'm glad to see you guys" Jackson smiled as he looked around the room.

"um wait where Ma-"

"JACKSON OH MY GOD I WAS SO SCARED YOU I LOST YOU" Namjoon runs over to jackson side, wrapping his arms around his head and hugging him.

"Hey how you doing feeling any better?" Suga asked anxiously.

"Hey Jackson... your hungry I brought some food for you to help you recover faster" Jin smiled sweetly as he handed Jackson some home made bentos.

"we didn't bring you anything but we were worried" Jhope said as he rest his arm on V shoulder who nods his head like a dork.

Jackson chuckles he felt so loved by everyone. he watched as Jin, jungkook, namjoon and V and Jhope as well as YoungJae, BamBam and Yugyeom all surround you and treating you like a princess. Jin forcing you too eat his food. which wasn't bad it was actually really good. meanwhile JB Jimin, Suga and Junior all went outside. they told everyone they need some fresh air. everyone continued talking and joking around. you and Jackson went out for some air.

"so how are you feeling?" Jackson asked you.

"I'm okay just kind of weak, what about you? how are you holding up?" you asked him as you softly nudge him with your elbow.

"I'm okay, I guess" he responded. shrugged his shoulders,

"I can't believe mark would do something like this..." you said

"Wait what?" Jackson stop in the middle of the hall.

"no one told you? Mark forced Yugyeom to slip some pills into our drinks. I don't know what I did to mark for him to hate me. he was my best friend so it hurts to know he'd try to do something like that" you explained

Jackson look shocked this was a first he heard of this and it piss him off that he heard it from you. Jackson knew completely why Mark did those things and it made Jackson madder. you went on to explaining everything Junior and suga had told you and this only made Jackson want to punch the living hell out of mark. Jackson rushed over to his room. he look around for Mark but he wasn't there. Jackson then rushed outside to where Junior and suga and them where at. You grab Jackson by the arm before he could complete open the door.

"What are you doing? don't make things worse?" you advice Jackson who was so mad, he look like he was ready to kill someone.

"he had no right to do those things to you, how dare he put your life in danger" Jackson yank away his arm as he walked outside towards the garden area.

"junior please stop crying" JB pats junior back.

Jackson stop as he notice mark was not there either. he slowly walked over to the others.

"I-I-I c-can't" Junior stutters.

"I can't believe it man..." Jimin let out a sigh as he raked his hair back.

"How are we going to explain this to jackson and (Y/N)?" Suga rubbed the back of his neck.

"explain what to us?" Jackson said startling them.

"Junior why are you crying so much?" you asked as you walked over to him.

"umm..." JB scratches his head as he tried to tell explain to the both of you about Mark without crying.

"Where mark? I need to talk to him" Jackson utters.

Suga gulps as he didn't want to say something rude and selfish and inappropriate at the moment. it wasn't time for him to be sarcastic.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS MARK!" Jackson growled

"Why do you want to know huh" junior lash out.

"What the fuck you mean why? he had no right to put (Y/N) in danger!" Jackson barked at junior.

"He knows that he fuck up Jackson! he already knows and regret it" Junior Cried out.

"That doesn't mean he won't try to do it again!" Jackson respond.

"He won't Jackson!" Junior assured.

"you don't know that! he a crazy fuck!" Jackson comments.

"HE FUCKING DEAD! alright!" Junior blurted out.

"wh-what?" Jackson knees suddenly became weak.

"He gone okay... marknkill himself. he knew he fuck up. HE KNEW YOU'D HATE HIM FOR WHAT HE DONE! and HE REGRET HURTING (Y/N)!!" Junior exclaimed

"junior don't play with me! where mark" Jackson shook him from his shoulder.

"he dead!" Junior Cried harder.

you cover your mouth as you watched junior cry, you couldn't believe it. you look over to Jimin who had tears streaming down his cheeks. Than over to JB who was covering his mouth to keep from crying. you glanced over to suga who look at you and Nod his head yes to assure you what you heard was all true.

"No! please no!" you pleaded Jackson rush to your side as you cried falling to your knees.

"Junior please tell me this is a joke!" you begged him as you tugged at his jeans.

"(Y/ N) please don't cry get up" Jimin tried to stand you up.

but you smack his hands away as you push Jackson from your side. you ran into the hospital and back into Jackson room. desperately looking around for Mark. Everyone notice the look on your face as you search under the bed and in the bathroom. BamBam grab you from your arm just as you were about to rush out of the room. you tried to pull your arm away but his grip was to tight.

"he gone...marks gone (y/n)" BamBam Said to you with a hollow tone of voice.

"Shut up!" you pushed him away as you ran around the hospital going from room to room.

when finally you ran out of breath as you fell to ground letting out a hard loud cry. you begged GOD for all of this to be a dream. how could it be your childhood best friend is dead? why did this happen? Mark was the only person who was there for you when your parents got a divorce. the only one who comfort you when everyone called you useless and dumb. The only one who made you feel like you had someone there who truly care for you. And the only one who held you when your father had died. All those years you hadn't talked to him were hard for you. the day you had move was sudden so you couldn't tell him goodbye or even get his contact information. you had lost all contact with him ever since. But finally when you found him, you emailed him daily. you talked about your life and he told you his, you miss him so much and now to hear that he gone that he was taken from your side again. was something you couldn't accept; Mark was your best friend.

"(Y/N) please stand up" Jackson pulled you up onto your feet.

"Why!! why did he do it?!" you hollered your voice echoed through the halls.

"please bring him back please tell me it's not true!" you pound your fist at Jackson chest.

"Tell me he okay!! Jackson please! he wouldn't do something like this mark must have been suffering too!" Jackson hugged you as you cried and yell at him to let you go.


3 weeks later

you walked down the aisle of the church, everyone turned to look at you. you struggle to hold back your tears as you slowly approach the casket. When you finally reached it, your heart drop to your stomach. you felt a tight knotted at your stomach as your chest feel like it was being crushed. you couldn't seem to open your eyes. suddenly you feel Jackson placed his hand on your shoulders.

"It's okay, don't be afraid" he whisper.

you slowly open your eyes to see Mark laying peaceful. his skin didn't look pale at all he had a fine skin tone his lips still had color as his dark lashes still long and dark. you caressed his cheek, it felt so cold. you reach to touch his hand as you softly cried as you just couldn't help but wish it wasn't true. you look over to jackson who eyes were burning red from all the crying he had done. Finally it was time for Junior to say a couple of word.

Nobody knew what was going on in mark head or what was happening to him. he wasn't the type to talk about his feeling. he kept to himself alot he was very solidarity. He didn't want to feel like he was a burden to other either. so he never talked about his feelings. that is until Jackson one day found him breaking down. he had just found out about his dog passing away. Jackson comfort him and always made him laugh. Jackson even bought mark a dog to which he named coco.

Jackson was the only who could see through mark fake smile and mask. Jackson was the one person mark felt close too. until one day Jackson started to become distance and push him away. Mark had found out Jackson started dating you, he felt forgotten and hurt. but it wasn't Jackson fault, nor wasn't it yours. it was eveyones fault because None of them bother to ask him if he was okay. everyone just push him away and said he was just being obsessive.

"This is mark journal, I found it when I was packing up his stuff. it had fallen from his bag on the last page he had written it said...." junior paused as he cleared his throat.

Mark had been suffering from severe depression. apparently his mother had gotten really sick and little by little she started losing her memory. he didn't tell anyone because he didn't want to disappointment his fans so he fake a smile. he couldn't go to jackson because he never listen to him anymore. eventually Mark started going to therapy in secret to get some help. but he couldn't take it anymore Mark felt lost and alone. he didn't want to get worse as his thoughts become scary. He loved You and Jackson but the jealous over came him.

"Mark last words to me were to tell (Y/N) he was sorry for ever hurting you. he regret ever treating anyone wrong. the moment he let go of my hand he month the words I'm sorry" junior cried.

Finally they buried Mark it was hard for everyone to bear. the death of mark was a painful time for everyone. the street of seoul fill up with candle light of fans sobbing over his lost. many sending preys and gift to his funeral. others waiting outside the company building crying.


3 day later

"coco come here girl" BamBam whistle

"What are you doing bam" Jackson asked him as he walked into the room.

"she hasn't gotten out of her bed to eat I'm getting worried" BamBam replied as he continued to call coco.

"she sad dude she was really close to mark..." Jackson let out a heavy sigh.

"yeah I guess, well I gotta go, make sure she eat alright" BamBam said as he exit Jackson room.

Jackson laid down on his bed. he look over to mark side of the room. it was empty all of mark stuff was completely gone. He still couldn't believe it.

"coco come here " jackson called to coco patting the empty spot next to him.

coco crawled out of her bed and jumped onto Jackson bed laying by his side.

"I bet you miss him huh" Jackson pet coco, he could hear her whimpering a bit, it broke his heart.

"I miss him too" Jackson begin to cry.


5 years later

the years have passed by so fast everything was finally Going great. you and Jackson got back together. Jimin is still close to you and Jackson. you've gotten your collage degree and also been promoted to secretary assistant for the owner of the biggest entertainment industry in Korea. BTS and got7 had gotten really famous. Jackson and them continue to be got7 even without mark they always make sure to show a video kf mark at the end of every concert as a remembrance of mark and to thank him. And every day on marks birthday everyone goes to his grave and celebrate it with him. everything become back to normal. so much had happen both good and bad. the one good thing that changed in your life.

at got7 ending concert

"Thank you everyone for coming today!" Jackson shouted to the screaming fans.

"Today is a very important day for us, it's the day we lost a great friend of ours" JB said as tears begin to fall.

"Today will be 5 year since marks death and we wanted to end tonight concert with our song fly. because everyday mark would look up at the sky and say I wish I was a bird that way I could fly and sour through the sky and be free." said Junior

"But first I'll like to introduce to you all my loving wife!" Jackson called you up on stage everyone shouting with joy.

"Mark was her closet freind. also I would like for you all to meet our twin boys!" jackson said jumping up and down.

you walked up on stage with both of your baby's as Jackson rushed over to grab one and help you. you bowed and watched as the light dim down and little candle lights shined so bright it look like and ocean of lights.

"Everyone let's all take flight and fly up high in sky and fly along side our great pal MARK TUAN!!" Jackson shouted then kiss you.


your life was a crazy roll coaster ride. but you wouldn't change anything about it because now your happily married and officially (Y/N) Wang and you have two beautiful growing boys and a baby girl along the way. man Jackson and you sure did get busy. You had finally found your fairytale story and your beautiful Happy ever after....

The End

this chapter is really long I hope you enjoyed it ^_^ sorry if you hated the ending lol I like it xD Don't maybe there's a bonus chapter ^_^ maybe...








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