Ilios Looks Like a 2D Side Scrolling Version of God of War

The God of War series is probably my favorite series of the PS2/PS3 generation. They were fun to play, they were brutal with their action, and they were all based around Greek Mythology (which is something I was really into when those games first came out).

And it looks like this indie title called Ilios looks to return to that theme with a little bit of a twist. It's a sidescrolling action platformer that looks, honestly, a little bit fun. Now, instead of doing the whole, I only have good things to say about it thing. I will say that the animation looks a little stiff for my liking.

The animation in these kinds of games is really important to me. Mostly because I don't know how long I could play a game for more than an hour if the animation isn't top-notch. Either way though, the footage I left below is still in its alpha stage so there's a chance that it'll be fixed in the future.

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