Handsome Pro Gamers Worthy of Idol Group Membership

Hello Kpop loving Vinglers! Today I will bring you some handsome pro gamers who have a horde of women fans. Some say they should really consider a career as a Kpop Idol. What do you guys think?

1. Lee "Flame" Ho Jong

His handsomeness coupled with his superior skills as a pro gamer has caused him to be one of the most popular pro gamers to date.

And below me is the famous gif of him that has caused even men to acknowledge his handsomeness.


2. Song "Fly" Yong Joon

Next up is the young up-coming pro gamer going by the in-game name of Fly. He first got his name out there with his performance, but his looks have taken him higher.

3. Jin "Mystic" Sung Joon

Moving to China to further his career, he has a huge fan base stretching all across Asia. His looks are as mystical as his in-game name, making him a very popular figure.

4. Cho "Watch" Jae Geol

He is considered one of the two most handsome players along with Flame (mentioned above on this list). He has even starred in an SM Entertainment music video, "I Wish" by M&D, a project group made by Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul and Trax's Kim Jung Mo.

He is great friends with Kim Hee Chul, an avid fan of League of Legends.


So, I introduced you guys to four handsome people who grace eSports.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see them in an idol group sometime in the future if possible?

What image would fit them? Any look-alikes?

Thanks for Reading!

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