It's hard to choose Pt. 1

Okay give me a break but this is my first fan fic! It's about Y/N and Y/N dates every GOT7 member over time. I hope you enjoy!!

"Y/N are you okay?", asked Jackson, your closest friend out of GOT7. "Ya I'm fine why do you ask?", you replied. "Well you're not talking as much today and you always blush around BamBam, is he like, your new best friend or something?", said Jackson. "No! Of course not! I would never trade you for anyone! But can I tell you a secret?" "Sure, but before you tell me the secret, can I tell the rest of GOT7?" "No!", you answered furiously. Once Jackson nodded, Y/N told Jackson that Y/N likes BamBam. After you told Jackson he was freaking out and could barely keep calm. He had to tell someone who Y/N likes. "Can I choose one member to tell?", asked Jackson. "Tell JB because I know that JB won't tell anyone. Plus don't tell him while I'm around that's just weird.", Y/N answered.

The Next Day

I hope you enjoyed!!

🎀My name is Destiny and my UB is GOT7's JB! I also love NCT's Taeyong, EXO's Lay, BTS's Kookie, VIXX's Ken, U-KISS's Kiseop and more! I'm a LEGGO forever 🎀
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