Just binged- Shadow Star Narutaru!!

This anime started off with a cool plot and good intentions!! Of course with limited $ and time I'm sure, it seems to have scattered the main intentions of the story elsewhere. I enjoyed it of course but I wish they had a season 2 or a summary with everything that was scattered included and summarized!! Rated 6.32/10 IMAL2 My rating: 7/10 for interests Synopsis- During her summer holiday at her grandparents house Tamai Shiina, a young and cheerful schoolgirl, meets a strange looking creature. They befriend each other and Shiina names it "Hoshimaru: The Round Star." When Shiina returns home after the summer to go back to school, she starts meeting other kids that also have befriended a strange creature like Hoshimaru. But she soon finds out that not all these creatures and their masters are as friendly as Hoshimaru. (Source: ANN) Anime is life!!

Hello NAKAMA! ANIMEISLIFE!! I Love ANIME; MANGA; LIFTING; One Piece/Naruto/Gintama/FMA/FairyTail/HunterXHunter/DB/Bleach& everything else. MANGA 4 ever!!
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