Fly me away! Part 11

Here I Am! Part 10

“Okay I have a question now” Namjoon said leaning over the side of the seat to look at me. “What is it?” I asked him. “If one person has a polar bear, does that make it the person’s favorite animal in the world” he asked. I had to think about that. “So that’s like if she got a panda as a pet” Panther said stealing the conversation. “Panda?” Daniella questioned looking over at me. “Arianna here loves panda’s and I think if she could have a panda as a pet she would” Panther told Daniella. “Oh, Panda’s are cute. I like Polar bears better though” she said. “They are completely white and fluffy” I nodded. “I don’t blame you. Polar is right up there next to a Panda and a tiger” I told her. “How is that? You like Pandas, Polar bears and tigers. Isn’t there an oddball in there?” Namjoon questioned. “Tiger. “ I shrugged. “I know but I know if I ever get a pet tiger I’d name her Lily” I told them but than looked at nan oon. “And to answer your question yes it probably does mean that but not the case for all animals” I told him. “Do you picture having a panda as a pet?” Panther asked. “I never have before but I have pictured having a tiger” I told him. “I’ve wanted a pet tiger before” Daniella said. “Have you really. I feel like it’s a common animal to want to tame” I nodded along. “What would you name your tiger?” I asked him. “Fluffycakes” she said with a chuckle. “That’s a good one” I laughed with her. “Oh hey look food” I said seeing the ladies coming down the aisle with carts. “Hey Arianna” Namjoon called my name. “Yup” I answered. “What are you two doing when you get to korea?” he asked me. “Hmm, oh um well we’re going for a vacation. The first two days were free to explore than we have six days of a tour than a couple extra days after to explore more” I told him. “I think at some point we had wanted to go see a concert if we could. When I had gone to Ireland me and my other friend Tiffy had gotten to see a ballet at their energy theater. It had been so amazing” I rambled on. “So you’re free for a couple days” he mumbled to himself. “You’ve been to Ireland?” he questioned. “I went a couple years ago. Got to sightsee and go to the oh what was it, oh yes, the sleeping beauty ballet. I think it was russian’s though” I explained. “That is one place I haven’t been” he grinned. “Though I’m sure I’ll want to” he added. “What are you guys doing once you get to Korea?” I asked him. “We have a concert going on but than we have a week break since the tour is over and we get a few days off” he told me. “Oh that’ll be nice” I told him. “After traveling I bet a break is something to look forward to” I added. “It is” he nodded. “So does that mean you prefer ballet’s and plays or concerts?” he asked changing the subject right back to what I had done in Ireland. “No, I like all of them.” I said than laughed. “In my younger days, well high school days me and Trinity would sneak away every weekend, sometimes on weekdays, to go see the local concerts and shocking to find that a few years later some we saw got big. I still go to concerts to, mostly with Trinity, we’ve seen almost all of our all time favorite bands play” I told him. “Really so you were a concert girl?” Namjoon grinned. “Who have you seen play? Maybe I’ll know a few” he added. It made me chuckle. “Oh I bet. Yea the first we saw a couple years ago was my chemical romance and blink 182, but recently we’ve seen Got7 and Exo.” I told him. “I know two out four of those” he chuckled. “Kpop” he added. “Yup, I had gotten her into it long ago than phazed out than she got me back into it a while ago and had us going to the concerts. I wish I got to see B.A.P when they came into chicago but I was to late to get tickets” I added. “Are we on your favorite list anywhere?” he asked. “Yea. I have more like a top five, right now it’s the kpop dominating. B.A.P, Got7, Exo, Bts, and Royal Pirates” I told him. He grinned. “So you’ve seen two out of the five. You know you could see three out of five” he hinted. “Oh, you know where Royal Pirates is playing next?” I questioned making his face fall for an instant than beam again. “You could see our concert. It’s the day after we get back” he told me. “That would be cool. Although I don’t know if it counts if I’m standing outside the arena to listen in” I laughed. “You could be inside, maybe backstage” he hinted majorly. “That would be epic. I’ve always wondered what the back of the stage looks like. I mean I’m sure it’s different than the back of a ballet stage. I’ve seen those, they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.” I told him with a grimace. “You're a ballerina?” he sounded surprised making me laugh harder. “No, oh god no, I have the grace of a chimp.” I laughed. “I’m a hairdresser. I’ve been behind the stage a couple times getting to do hair for some of the ballerina’s or actresses.” “Ah, Okay” he nodded. “I wonder if it’ll be different behind a concert or the same” I pondered and it made him laugh. “Why don’t we trade numbers so that we keep in contact” he said holding out his hand. “What for my phone?” I questioned looking at it. “Alright” I nodded when he did than handed him my phone that was sitting in my lap. “Food is here” someone called out. My eye’s went wide as I looked at the aisle again to see the lady right there. “Food” I mumbled. Trinity poked my arm and I looked over at her, She was saying something but I wasn’t paying attention. The smell of the food was actually pleasant, it smelled spicy. When she poked me again I looked at her. “Food is here” I told her.

So Ari and Namjoon get to talk a little bit more. yey! pssssst. 8 hours left of flight!

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