Underrated Songs

Que tal peeps!

Let's talk about underrated songs. Now, I will share some songs that I think don't get as much attention as it should.

Do you know of some underrated songs? Comment below!

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Seungri "Let's Talk About Love"

This song is so awesome. The lyrics have so much swag and the beat is to die for. GD and Taeyang have a part on this song and they leave me cracking up!

Taemin "Play Me"

This song kills me! The lyrics and Taemin's voice is perfection. I really feel this song should get more attention. Many of his solo songs for that matter should get more attention.

Jung Yong Hwa "Checkmate"

I love this song. I discovered it while listening to pandora. This song is light but very catchy. This song features JJ Lin and I love the lyrics.

Se7en "Make Good Love"

This song is for the grown, but I went nuts when I heard this song. Pandora introduced me to this artist.

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