Proclivity Part 2

The dream felt so real that when you wake you check the spot in bed next to you to make sure Leo isn’t there. Closing your eyes again you try to settle your heart rate, your hormones, and the many thoughts swirling through your head.

Wow. You’ve never had a dream like that before. Sure dreams that have felt real so that you wake up angry if you’re fighting, but to actually wake up and remember what lips and skin felt like against yours. You swallow; you need to get up so you’re distracted.

You’re supposed to meet Wonsik at a practice room somewhere this afternoon. He’s meeting Leo for a practice of a song they are writing together. You don’t really know Leo but after your dream, how awkward are you going to be seeing him. You guess it doesn’t matter; he’s only going to stare a hole through you anyway. Wonsik texts you the address of where to meet around lunch.

WONSIK: Hey, you still good to meet us?

YOU: Sure. Is that the address?

WONSIK: With a map, you can see it right?

YOU: Yes, thanks.

WONSIK: We have something before so if you get there before us just go on in. There shouldn’t be anyone there.

YOU: You sure? I’m fine to wait outside.

WONSIK: No it’ll be good. Plus, what if it rains? Lol.

He’s such a brat, but you laugh anyway and finish getting ready. As he predicted, you arrive on time and they are nowhere to be seen. You go inside, check your phone to find which studio, and go on in. There’s a piano, a few chairs, and a mirror wall; just like the ones at the University back home. You’ve spent many hours in rooms like this; you can’t believe you didn’t think to add music to your schedule here. Maybe if you extend, you can do that.

You walk over to the piano, hit a middle C and match pitch. You run through warm-ups and scales that you haven’t done since you arrived in South Korea. It feels good to be singing again.

They still haven’t arrived when you’ve finished scales so you move on to aria’s you learned for competitions. You wander the room while singing Pur Dicesti. As you get to the repeat you turn and your voice stops. Standing in the door, staring at you is Leo. Typical, he doesn’t say anything, just stares at you curiously with a raised eyebrow.

Less than a minute later Wonsik shows up,

“Hey did you guys hear that Opera? Did someone bring a player with a CD or something?”

You’re still standing in the middle of the floor, Wonsik looks between you and Leo. For the first time you hear Leo’s voice, “It was [YN].”

Your eyes widen a little at the sound of what his voice actually sounds like. Wonsik turns to you, “You brought the music?”

Leo shakes his head, “No, [YN] was the one singing the Opera.”

Wonsik looks over at you with wide eyes and you swallow nervously. It isn’t that you’re ashamed of your voice; it’s that most people that like pop and rock have little tolerance for Opera.

He looks over at you, “Really? Why didn’t you tell me you can sing?”

You raise an eyebrow and look back at him mimicking, “Really? Why didn’t you tell me you were a pop star?”

He laughs and you glimpse a smile on Leo’s face, “Touche’.”

He turns back to Leo, “Should we start?”

Since you haven’t had a chance to listen to Vixx yet, you have no idea what they will sound like. Leo goes over and sits at the piano; that in itself is a pleasant surprise. Guys that can play an instrument and sing? Pretty hot. Leo is the one who starts singing and you tilt your head in appreciation for his talent. You’re wondering when Wonsik will join in when he starts rapping. You have to smile and contain your giggle. No wonder you were having a hard time picturing him as a vocalist. Your sure he sings also but rapping totally fits him and his personality.

The song they’re practicing they said is called ‘Beautiful Liar’. It’s one they are releasing under just the two of them LR. After the first run through you clap to which Wonsik makes a big production of bowing and Leo just looks at you over the piano. On their last run through Leo won't remove his eyes from yours but you break contact when Wonsik comes to the front and totally raps just for you. You can understand why they would be popular; they are very charismatic and can totally keep you entertained.

As the three of you are leaving to the café, you mention your insight to them. Leo gives a small smile and a shake of his head. Wonsik takes your hand,

“That is very kind of you nae chingu. We actually are gaining more popularity but aren’t anywhere near to our Sunbae’s. We still have a lot of work to do, but we will get there. Fighting!”

To your surprise, Leo’s fist goes in the air with Wonsik’s and he repeats the phrase. Who is this man that suddenly appeared in your dreams? The one with the haunting eyes and magical voice?

As you arrive at the café, Wonsik leans over, “My treat.” You’re about to refuse but he stops you. “I owe hyung; what would you like?”

While he’s gone its slightly awkward sitting there with the silent man you had an over stimulating dream about the night before. As you fidget and try to calm yourself, a couple of fingers reach over to settle on your tapping ones. It’s such a surprise that at first you stop and just stare at them. Your memories reach your brain as one of those fingers starts to stroke the top of your hand. Your brain flashes back to your dream. Your body recognizes this touch and is starting to respond, Oh God and you thought you were nervous before! You look over at him but he is staring at your hand. You watch, as if you have no control, as one of his fingers lands between your pinky and ring finger and your pinky automatically covers it.

You look up and this time meet his eyes. He turns for a second to check on Wonsik then looks back at you. As Wonsik approaches the table his hand disappears back into his lap. He nods his thanks for the drink and the conversation is pretty much left between you and Wonsik for the rest of the time.

At the door of the café, Wonsik turns,

“Hyung, I’m going to see her home. I’ll see you back at the dorm?”

Leo nods and holds the door open for you. As you pass he leans over and whispers,

“I’ll see you in our dreams”.


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