Just Friends : PT 9

“You were so great today Nabi noona.” Jung kook was trying his hardest to cheer her up. Tears still stained her cheeks as they left the building. She had been so close to a triple crown it was ridiculous. The young boy was being goofy to try and make her laugh. A small smile was the most he got out of her to his dismay. She still had to go by the JYP building and work the rest of the afternoon coming up with a song for her to sing with them.

Jung kook wished her good luck before getting back in the car with her manager. She would go inside, stop by the bathroom, then head to their studio. She had not text Jae yet so she had time to get rid of any evidence of crying. Luckily her mask covered most of where her tears had been and the hat she had on covered her eyes when she looked down. She slipped into the bathroom making sure it was empty before locking it. She put her hat on the counter and removed her face mask putting it inside the hat.

Wearing normal clothes allowed her to wear a simpler face mask. She quickly washed her bare face with cold water taking a few deep breaths. She grabbed a few paper towels patting her face dry before putting the mask back on. She slipped her hat back on as she unlocked the door opening it to someone waiting.

“Sorry I need to be alone for a minute.” She bowed profusely as she passed the woman. Quickly she went to the elevator hitting the button to go to the proper floor. She sent Jae a message saying she was on her way up. Once the doors opened she stepped out looking down the direction of the studio. The door was open with a head poking out of it. It was Sungjin looking for her to come out of the elevator. Quickly she made her way down the hall towards him.

“Hello, sorry, am I late?”

“No, no we were just throwing around ideas. We wrote them down to tell you. It sucks you didn’t get the triple crown. Don’t worry we will make a song that they have to give it to us.”

“Nabi~!” She was meet with various greetings from the guys as she stepped inside the door. Young K motioned for her to sit down beside him. Taking a sheet Jae slid a paper to her with ideas written on it.

“That’s all you’ve come up with in the last fifteen minutes?”

“Hey this takes time don’t be bashing them just yet. Sorry we aren’t the amazing Yoongi who writes lyrics on a daily basis.” Jae seemed upset.

“I could always give him a call for ideas. They are always spilling from his head.”

“No.” They all responded in unison.

“Okay, okay. I was just trying to help.” She leaned back in her chair looking at the ceiling. What could she possibly sing about with guys she meet only a few weeks prior. She always sings truthful songs about what she has gone through. This was a whole new challenge.

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