Heal me....Please? Chpt.2 (Yoonmin fanfic)

Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin(Yoonmin)

Rating: M

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Romance


Plot: When Yoongi makes a joke that turned out to be a mistake, it ends up hurting Jimin. Yoongi thinks he’s overreacting but Jimin isn’t, a past he wants to forget returns, and Yoongi is the only one who can heal him.


Chapter Two:

(2263 words)


A loud crash of pots and plates could be heard a few feet away from where Jimin was sleeping, along with blaring voices startled the poor boy awake. Jimin sat up rapidly almost falling of the small couch. He let out a groan, rubbing his eyes slowly, he rested his head down on the couch's armrest managing to at least get a few more hours of sleep in. That wasn't going to happen, the moment Jimin closed his eyes again another crash was heard, Jimin assumed it was from the kitchen from all the plates that had smashed onto the floor. All of a sudden a loud cry could be heard,"Fucking shit Hoseok, you ass!". After that came a high pitched monkey laugh, making Jimin sneer.

Jimin shot his eyes open, lifting his head off the armrest, he saw Hoseok walk out the kitchen and gave him a menacing look. Hoseok simply give him a weird dynamic dance before sitting next to him. He wrapped his arms around the small boy, squeezing him hard. "Morning Jiminnie~" Hoseok said right into his ear. Jimin rested his head onto his shoulder, gaving him a cheeky smile, "Morning Hyung~" he answered back. Jin suddenly ran out of the kitchen. "I'm going to bea-" he stopped talking the moment he saw Jimin. He gave him a smile, "Hi...Can you step aside so I can beat Hoseok to death?". Jimin gave him a small nod, sliding his body over but was stopped short when Hoseok suddenly grabbed him, pulling him close. He started to talk in a forced voice, "N-no....Jiminnie save your innocent Hyung".

"Let him go!" Jin yelled at him. Hoseok slide his body behind Jimin, making the small boy sit on his lap, "NEVA!", Jin rushed over to them, pulling at Jimin's arms but Hoseok pull them back. It was a tug-of-war and Jimin didn't know what to do. Jin got extremely close to Jimin and it hit him. Jin's shirt smelled horrible, like a mixture of garlic and vinegar and old eggs. It made Jimin want to gag.

"You guys are soooo loud"

The three boys looked over to the voice. Standing a few feet away from them was Namjoon, he looked grumpy and irritated to be woken up way to early, even if it was only 9:34 A.M. He stretched his arms, yawing and walked over to the table that was set in the middle of the room, sitting down. "Hoseok let Jin hit you in the arm", "Hell NO!" Jin let out a growl, "I'll get you later" was all he said before going into his shared bedroom, slamming the door shut.

A few minutes later Jin returned not sparing a glance at Hoseok who was now sitting on the floor watching something on T.V, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Slowly each of the members started to wake up, Taehyung coming out first and Yoongi last. After Jin finished making breakfast everyone ate in silence. It felt awkward to Jimin, this was happening mainly because of him.

It was silence for 10 minutes until Jungkook spoke, " Why is it so quiet" was what he said with a mouth full of food. Everyone gave him long blank stares. Then Yoongi spoke up "Yeah...Why is it so quiet Jungkook?", "I don't know Hyung, but it's strange", "Yeah it is. I mean yesterday we talked, I said what I had to say, I think everyone did too sooo?".

Namjoon let out a laugh, "Enough you two. Lets just act like before....kind of, but we will still go back on the matter later. Not when we have so much to do". Everyone let out a hum, "But we will still hate you and ignore your ass until you say sorry" Jin quickly said. Yoongi banged his hand on the table, "Oh you bitch, I said it yesterday and I can repeat it today", "Guys....Just listen to Namjoon...its the best option...and for me too. I don't like seeing you fight" Jimin cut in.

"Pfft...You're the one who started this bullshit", "YOONGI" Jin yelled out. "WHAT, YOU WANNA START AGAIN?" Yoongi yelled back at him, "LET"S GO, MAYBE I'LL BEAT YOUR ASS TODAY", "I DARE YOU" he said back, Jin was going to say something but Namjoon cut in. "S.T.O.P I.T" silence filled the room for a few seconds before Yoongi spoke again. "Let me just take my fucking plate, throw it at your face, go to my room, and plan the death of all of you", Yoongi stood up with his plate, for a second it did look like he was going to throw the plate at Jin. Jin flinched back waiting for it to be thrown, trying his best to hide behind Namjoon while the other 4 were ready to jump the rapper. Yoongi rolled his eyes and let out a scoff "Pussy" was all he said. He put the plate in the sink, walked to his room, slamming the door on purpose. "If only I could get away with murder" Jin said, going back to his food.

The rest of the morning went by normally with the absence of Yoongi. Namjoon, Taehyung, and Jungkook left the dorm to enjoy their day off while Jimin, Jin, Hoseok and Yoongi stayed inside getting the rest and peace they needed. During one point in the afternoon Jin and Hoseok started to cause chaos again.

"Hoseok come here and try this" Jin yelled out from the kitchen. "Try what?" Hoseok yelled out which was unnecessary. "This drink I made!" Hoseok didn't move. He looked at Jimin with a questioning look on his face. "I don't trust him" Hoseok whispered to Jimin, then yelled back to Jin, "Why not let Jimin try it". Silence filled the room, Hoseok let out a smile as if he knew what Jin was trying to do but then Jin came out of the kitchen, holding a cup of red juice. He walked over to Jimin, kneeling down he held the cup near his mouth. Jimin opened it and let Jin pour the red liquid into his mouth. Jimin gave him a questioning look. The red juice was actually just fruit punch. Jin made a shushing sound, moving his head to Hoseok. "Ah! Jin hyung that is soooo good." Jimin said trying to sound believable. "Thank you" was all Jin said. "Hyung you should try it", Jimin gave Hoseok a bubbly smile.

The rapper glanced back and forth between the two vocalists. He let out a sigh nodding at Jin. Jin went over to him, handing out the cup. Hoseok just sat there looking up at him, "I'm not going to feed you, Jimin is the only one getting special treatment". Hoseok made a nasty face, taking the cup he started to drink rapidly. Out of the blue Jin cupped the bottom of the cup pushing it up slowly, he then roughly tilled it back all the way making the juice fall all over Hoseok's shirt. "Payback is a bitch" Jin said, he took the cup out of his hands walking back into the kitchen. Hoseok just stood there in the middle of the room. Shocked, he looked over to Jimin shaking his head then walked over to their shared bedroom.

Jin poked his head out of the kitchen looking around slowly, he gave Jimin a small smile and walked back into his room closing the door as quietly as to not disturb Yoongi or alert Hoseok. Jimin rolled his eyes 'My Hyungs are so childish' he thought. Jimin picked up the remove control, since Hoseok was out of the living room be could finally watch what he wanted. He started flipping through the channels, then Hoseok bursted out his room running to the kitchen to find Jin only realizing the older boy wasn't in there. He returned to the living room holding a bottle of water and gave Jimin a look, "Where did he go", Jimin pointed at Jin and Yoongi's shared bedroom but before he could tell Hoseok that Yoongi was still sleeping be barged inside, screaming. Jimin didn't know what happened but a lot of screaming come out of the room along with' fucks', 'shit', 'die' and 'you'll pay for this later'. Jimin heard a few things fall to the floor, some broke but others made a loud annoying sound.

Then it happened.

Min Yoongi woke up.


Jin and Hoseok quickly made there way out of the room, closing the door rapidly. Jin's hair was a chaotic mess, his shirt was wet from the water, Hoseok didn't look any good either. His hair was surprisingly the same but his shirt was also wet but it didn't seem to be from water. Hoseok also had a big red scratch on his face from his ear traveling to the corner of his mouth. They took a few steps forward but Yoongi then opened his shared bedroom door scaring the shit out of the two. Yoongi passed by them muttering a "Fucking shit" under his breath. He walked right up to Jimin, snatched the control from his hands, sat down on the floor and changed the channel.

Jin and Hoseok quietly sat down on either side of Jimin, never speaking a word. Hoseok badly imitated Yoongi's mad face which earned him loud laughs from the vocalists.

Yoongi let out a sigh, he turned his head to see what all laughing was. He saw what Hoseok was doing, he wanted to say something, cuss at him, yell at him, but he was in no mood to do anything so he put up with it. He saw the way Jimin was laughing and let out a scoff. 'He was fucking crying his ass off two days ago, now look at him. That fucking bitch'. Yoongi slammed the control on the table making the three men behind him shut up. "Wow, Jimin looks so happy despite what happened. Two face?.....yeah two face" Yoongi said in a calming voice. "Shut the fuck up. Do not start" Jin hissed back.

"But look at him, laughing his ass off"

"Of course he his. Were cheering him up" Hoseok said back. "Yeah but I supposedly 'crossed the line' and he looks fine to me". "Oh. so you want him to be crying his ass off? HUH! When you don't fucking apologize knowing you are sooooo wrong!"

"PFFT, please, me? wrong? No. I was only joking. That bitch was laughing and joking with me! You said he was crying asking me to stop. WHAT A LIE. HE WAS ONLY LOOKING FOR ATTENTION! Isn't that right, pretty boy?"

"Jimin do not answer him" Jin said in a strict tone. "He was crying, HE WAS CRYING, HE WAS CRYING WHEN HE RAN TO ME AND NAMJOON. JIMIN WOULDN'T LIE!" Jin added. "OH MY GOD. You're only believing him because he had a few tears in him eyes".

"A few tears?! This poor child cried for two hours straight. When we thought he was done he would burst out in tears again!", ".........Crying so much over a fucking joke? Wow...wow wow wow wow wow wow wow, like I said yesterday, a sensitive bitch"

"No he isn't. Jimin didn't think of it as a joke. He never did"

"Right, right. He took it personally...why?". "It's up to Jimin to tell you. He doesn't trust you with something so....deep...or personally. He doesn't trust you at all" Jin said in a flat voice. Yoongi had been sitting with his back to them but that one comment made him turn around to looked at the younger boy. He stood up, walked right in front of him. He was going to say something but kept his mouth shut. He didn't know what to do now. After staring at the boy for 2 minutes Yoongi finally spoke up, "Is that true?" he asked. Jimin looked down at his hands. He stayed quiet, he didn't want to say anything. "IS IT TRUE?" he asked again, but Jimin didn't say anything. 'LOOK UP AT ME AND ANSWER THE QUESTION!". Jimin finally looked up avoiding his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but the front door swung open, Taehyung calling out "We're home~". Namjoon was the first to walk inside after taking off his shoes. He looked at the four men in front of him. He knew something was wrong off the bat. Jin's face was red, Hoseok looked displeased, Jimin looked as if he was afraid and Yoongi was to close to him. Namjoon set his things down walking over to him, he pulled Yoongi's arm, pushing him back a few feet from Jimin.

"What happened?" was all he asked. "What do you think" Jin said. Namjoon then sighed, passing his cold hands over his forehead. "I told you, I told everyone to forget about what happened, to go back like we were before, and that we will go back on the matter LATER. Now you will listen to me and do it". The four men nodded. Jin got up from the couch dragging Jimin with him. He opened Jimin's bedroom door, gave Yoongi a dirty face before slamming the door shut. Everyone went on to do there own thing and for the first time in months the Bangtan dorm was muted.

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