5 Awesome Songs That's Underrated!

Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here!

Super Junior - Monster

This song is amazing! It have a dark & deep feel to it. It's really meaningful and touching. But this is a also a good song to dance to because it's kinda upbeat.

SHINee - Chocolate

This song is bittersweet, smooth, irresistible, sexy, & cool! This song gives me goosebumps and feels!

Primary Feat. Bumkey & Paloalto - Love

This song is so cute, sweet, & fun-loving!Do you have feelings for that special someone? and want to be around them all the time? This is the song that can relate!

Sunmi feat. Jackson - Frozen In Time

This song is smooth and like a slow Jam R&B type. Great song!

Raina - Demonstrate

This song is really sassy and cool. It's kinda catchy too.

Anyone else like these songs? I think people should totally give these songs a listen if they haven't heard them yet.

Reporter @parktaemi

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