Ghost: Taken

"No.. no no.. Ghost!!""JT.. can you hear... me"*Ghost.... **Is this is pain?*"Ghhoosst!!!""Melissa, come here" "JT, im sor...." "Shut up. No need for sorries right now. Come here.""Melissa, i want you to see where they took Ghost. Can you do that for me.?" "Most definitely".*JT, i know this place. It where that Queen took me and where i got out from.* *Good. You can take us there. But i need to know if Ghost is alive?*"Ghost, why must we do this the hard way? Your poor girlfriend. She is probably to weak right now. Theres a say, a broken heart is always a weakness. Look how easy she failed. But now your mine. Now let me make you mine, Forever.""You stupid bitch.""You enjoy the view, JT" "Im going to get you, Sophia" "I would love to see that." "You will die in my hands.""Come on, lets go"

"I want everyine to prepare, and we going to go as we planned. But we are gonna brake into individual groups of eight. Melissa is our eyes through the woods. Theres alot of red eyes, you must work together to pull this off.""Melissa, lets do this."*Group 5, you have three ahead if you**Everyone come together.. Now!*"Melissa, what's going on"."JT, the queen order her army to kill the rest of the red eyes in the village.""We got to save them. If we want us to reunite, we must do this. Save the children and women. Have the men fight along with you. Must save them and take them to the woods. Got it""Melissa, take the little Girl away.""Why is Sophia killing her kind?" "Why should... i report... to you?""JT!!!! BEHIND YOU!!!!""JT, Sophia is inside. Go we have the village covered." *Melissa, your coming with me*

"Melissa, Do you see anything?" "There's six men in front of the door." "Ok. I will freeze them. You must bite their necks, but when you bite, rip off the vein." "Got it." "Lets go!"*Melissa your eyes!*"Your human, how do you have red eyes?" "Eye contacts. I work for Sophia for ger saving my family." "Shame on you." "No wait please!!""Drink Melissa. You need energy" "No please.. nooo!""Ghost!""Ghost, come on. Wake up... Ghost!! Please, wake up. Ghost!!""Ghost.. dont go. Don't leave me. You promised you never leave. Come on, wake up Ghost!. ... Ghost.... please""Seems like you came too late"

"Poor Ghost, but how sweet he taste. But he is still alive, just in a deep sleep""But, before you get a chance to have me. You must get through them.""Nooo... no way!?""Ghost..."


Welll damnnn... im soo sorry yall.. i know u guys been waiting for this.... but ok ok... two more chapters lovess. And thank you for being patient with me.

My name is BB ♡ Also Mrs.Kwon Im Big Bang and GD stan.◆ I love kpop and khh ◇ I hope you all enjoy my cards☆
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