BTS Incident in Sweden

@Izzy987 sorry for screen-shoting your picture without consent

Army are you freaking kidding me?!?! I'm an Army but tbh,sometimes I hate when you do this. Like if an idol needs to run from you then stop chasing them! BTS try to make us happy and when they get a break,they have to put up with your crap? No,you are just a fan okay. It's not your business to stalk them,or take pictures of them changing or make them feel like they're in danger. I understand this is not for every Army but as I say this, the Army's who do this will know who they are. I hope nothing like this happens again or who knows what BigHit will do to Bangtan (not let them go overseas anymore) or how Bangtan will feel about

BTS,Big Bang,iKon and Got7 are the mains. Lets be friends..? I'll fangirl with you lol
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