Traditional Korean Elements in Kpop!

Kpop draws a lot of inspiration from its rich musical history so I pulled together a few examples of where you can see it today!

From fashion to instruments, here are a few:

TWICE - Cheer Up

All playing different roles, one lucky lady wears hanbok...can you find her?

Topp Dogg - Arario

This video includes a ton of traditional Korean elements like instruments and of course hanbok!

Big Bang - Bae Bae

The ladies on the moon are all wearing modern takes on hanbok!

Crayon Pop - Uh Ee

Using a really modern-traditional (?) style of music called Trot!

G Dragon - Niliria


Infinite - The Chaser

The song uses really traditional Korean instruments in the back track and their entertainment company convinced Infinite that they'd be performing in hanbok haha!

Which are your favorite instances of traditional Kpop?

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