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*Tao's pov* "Whatever happens I will love you" Is what he said last time I saw him. He left me on the ground crying myself dry. To this day I can't even cry. He built me up and broke me down. I loved him so bad. Kris I miss you I want you back. "I won't leave your side" He said. Lies is what he told me. A week after that he said that he was leaving the group. I was devastated when I hears this. *Kris pov* I told Tao that I will always love him. I am keeping my promise. Forever and always. But I took one away when I said I will always be by his side. I remember the day I packed was the last time I saw him from a distance. I guess they told EXO I was leaving. They were crying. Tao was the worst when it came to crying. "I love you" I whispered as I got in a car to drive to the airport. I couldn't stand to see Tao like this. I kills me. So I left for the rest of time. *7 months later* *Kris pov* It is new years and I have to perform songs by myself. I heard that LuHan is here. I missed my hyung. I also heard that the EXO members are in China. I will be able to see Tao on t.v. I miss his smiles and laugh. I also miss his happiness that could make my day. I hope they watch mine and LuHan's performance. I looked at my phone. He is my screen saver. I still have his number. Actually I have everyone's still. I bring my phone up to my face and look through my contacts and one catches my eye. Zitao. I sigh and decide to send him a text. When I'm done I put my phone up and go home. *Tao's pov* Me and the other EXO members finished are performance. We are sitting in EXO-M's dorm room watching the music shows. Right now they are playing a rerun of EXO singing. They said next is LuHan gege's performance and Kris gege's performance. I really miss them. After watching the performance I got a text from a unknown number. 'Tao I heard you're in China and I want you to meet me at the Apple coffee shop in Beijing. I'll meet you there love~' Wait love?! Why is this person calling me love. I look around to see if I could ask them about going or not. I see Sehun is closest to me so I'll ask him. I turn to Sehun. "Sehun can you read this for me and give me your idea on it" I say handing him my phone so he can read the text. Sehun looked at it cautiously. "You should be careful If you go" he says with his lisp coming out. "O-ok" I say as I take my phone back while I text the person back to meet me in a minute. I get my shoes on and jacket. I walk out the door leaving my questioning members behind. *Kris pov* He said yes! I get to see him! I'm jumping with joy but I need to hurry to get there on time. Maybe I should drive? Yes perfect! I hurry to my car and hop in driving to the cafe. I go inside and see Tao in a seat in the corner taking selfie cutely. I missed him so much. I start to walk up to him and he looks up to me. His eyes grow big. "K-kris?" *Tao's pov* I was taking selfie when a tall man walks up to me. I look up to see "K-kris?" I said in complete shock. My eyes must be bugging out. After 7 months he finally wants to talk with me?? Oh he is in for it. I stand up and push him a little. "Kris! You left me for 7 months. No word of where and no explanation! Do you know how I felt?! I felt like I was nothing to you!!" I swear that I had tears running down my face. I can't Handle this. I move away from him and walk out the door to go to the dorm. *Kris pov* I stare at him in shock as he walks out. My heart crushed into millions of pieces. Should I go after him. Yes.  I hurry up and chase him to see that he is on the way to his dorm. I decided that I'm going to take my time getting there. After the long walk to the dorm I knocked on the door. The first to see me was Sehun. "H-hyung? Is that you?" He ask looking at me closely. I nod my head and walk into the dorm seeing everyone else. I walked up to Tao and decided to say what I needed to say. "I know you are mad at me. You proved it to me by walking out of that cafe but I want you to know MY side of the story. You know how much it KILLS me not having YOU by my side? You have the rest of the family while I'm by myself. Just like LuHan. I HAD to leave or else someone would get hurt. I watched you guys leave my last day. What I said I meant. I hope you know this." I said then I turned to see the others looking at me. I felt my phone vibrant in my pocket and it was lulu. He was calling. I answered my phone. "Yes?" "Kris can I come over" He asked. I could feel his voice tremble "Sure LuHan but why?" I asked looking around seeing some of the members eyes wide. "Uh w-Well I got into some t-trouble" "Get to my house you have a spare key bye" I said then hung up. I could see Sehun's eyes light up when I mentioned LuHan. "I have to go. It was nice to see you all again and Tao. When I walk out this door I will count to 10. If you don't come out I won't bother you again" I took a deep breath and walked out the door. 1 He will come 2 He just wants to make it fun 3 I have nothing to worry about 4 Tao 5 Don't do the same mistake 6 Open the door 7 Run into my arms please 8 Tao please I need you 9 Tao.......walk out of that door for me 10 I love you Tao I felt tears stream down my face. He did the same mistake I did. He wants me gone. "Good bye love" I walked away that night never to see him again unless he was on t.v. I miss him to this day but things happen for a reason. I hope I can see him again. Farewell Tao.

well I wrote this a long time ago so....ya

I'm a weird anime and k-pop Lover ^-^... If you ever want to talk with someone I am always open for talks *please note that I am a awkward person* I'm in too many fandoms but I will name a few Exo-L, bana, shawol, vip, army, IGOT7, ELF, BABY, ect you can call me koinii or Sammy. my ultimate bias will forever be (which is Kindda weird since he's not in exo (exo was a group that attached to me when I first got into kpop)) Chanwoo of IKON Dongho you are still lovely even if your married.
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