Katy Perry Vs. Photoshop: Let The LOLs Begin!

Back in 2010, when Katy Perry released her 'Teenage Dream' album, she starred in a pretty brow-raising seaside photoshoot.

Maybe she thought this particular shot - complete with Guy in Orange Speedo - would have been forgotten about by now, but alas, the Internet never forgets.

So what happens when the picture resurfaces in 2016?

Let the Photoshop-savvy trolls commence!


Do he got a booty, Left Shark? He doooo!


As for Right Shark, he just needs to find himself some chill.

This Teenage Dream just turned into a dystopian disaster!

Yo, bro. You're kind of stepping on her fins.

Has Lieutenant Dan always been so top heavy? (And is it okay to ask that about someone with no legs?)

Who knew Gulliver was such a bikini-wearing bombshell?

This one swapped swimsuit patterns.

While this one... swapped two different kinds of cleavage?

Where did this kid come from?!

And when did Sasha Baron Cohen's Bruno character get here?

That whale was so sick of all the sexual tension it beached itself.

So which one of these is your favorite? Who do you think won the Photoshop battle?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more Photoshop hilarity, follow my Epic Photoshop Battles collection!

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