Bonding Desire Chapter 4

Bonding Desire

“There’s no way this was just a coincidence. They both fainted at the same time,” Jimin reasoned.

“They don’t have fevers, and they’re not pale or sickly. They really just fainted for no reason.”


“I guess we’ll just have to wait until they wake up.” Ugh. My head hurt so much. Why did my body feel so heavy?

“Why do I have such a bad headache?” Who was that?

“Jungkook?” “Yeah? Wait... Cathleen? How are you in my head?!”

“How are you in mine?!”

“This has got to be the worst headache I’ve ever had,” Jungkook whined, rubbing his temples.

“Hey, you two are up!” Seokjin immediately began to run a few tests to check our blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. “You’re perfectly healthy. Nothing is out of the ordinary.”

“Except for this horrible headache!”

“Well yeah, except for that.” He handed us a couple pain killers to hopefully ease the pain, before leaving us alone in the room.

“I can’t even remember what happened.”

“Did you just say that?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You said you can’t remember anything.” His eyes widened.

“I said that in my head, not out loud. How did you hear that?” I held up a finger, telling him to hold on. I closed my eyes, and thought of a random sentence.

“Your favorite color is emerald green?” My eyes widened.

“You can hear the thoughts in my head.”

“I think it’s more like we can talk to each other in our heads.”

“I thought that only happened in like Harry Potter.”

“Well, either we just took a wrong turn into Hogwarts, or something is really wrong with us.”

“Do we tell the others?”

“I feel like they would freak out.” I sighed.

“Let’s keep it a secret for now, until we can figure out more about what’s going on. I’m gonna get changed. If something else happens,” I tapped my head and he nodded.

I rummaged through my drawers, looking for favorite pair of leggings. Finally finding them, I turned around a bit too quickly, hitting my funny bone against the dresser. I hissed at the unwelcome feeling that spread throughout my whole arm.

“What just happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“I just felt a dull pain in my elbow, and I haven’t moved from my spot.”

“I just hit my funny bone.”

“So we can feel each other’s pain as well?”

“I’m so confused as to what is going on,” I groaned.

“I think we need to tell them. We can’t figure this out on our own. I’ll call a meeting in the living room. Come when you’re done.”

“First, I have a question,” I started. “How long were we out after we fainted?”

“I think it was only about 30 minutes, maybe less.”

“I feel like this will be easier to explain if I can prove my theory is right.” They all stared at me in confusion “Jungkook, where were you when you fainted?”

“I was taking a shower.”

“Yoongi, Jimin, and Hoseok go with Jungkook to the shower. Hoseok have a watch that has seconds and try to pinpoint the exact time he faints, and you two catch him if he faints.”

“What is going on?”

“I did some thinking while I was changing, and I think I know why we fainted so randomly at the same time.”

“If you say so.”

I watched them walk out of the room towards the bathroom before giving instructions to the other three guys.

“Namjoon, Taehyung, and Seokjin follow me outside. Here’s my watch, Namjoon try to pinpoint the exact time I faint, and you two catch me if I faint. I slowly walked towards the newspaper that still hadn’t been retrieved. After a few steps, the same feeling began to wash over me as my vision blurred, and I fainted.

“Cathleen, explain what’s going on.” I was immediately questioned as soon as I woke up. Thankfully, the headache wasn’t as bad this time.

“We’re connected somehow. We can talk to each other telepathically, we feel each other’s pain, and I think we have to be within a certain distance from each other or we faint. That’s what I was proving before.” They all stared at me with blank faces. “If you don’t believe me, ask Jungkook.” He confirmed what I had just explained.

“Well shit.”


“But why?” Seokjin asked.

“More like how. You guys both fainted at the exact same time, to the second,” Yoongi said. We both shrugged.

“She’s right. They are connected somehow, but I just can’t figure out how. It can’t be soul bond. You two have never had any kind of sexual contact.”

“You act as if you know all about soul bonds,” Yoongi groaned.

“He acts as if he knows all about my personal life,” Jungkook snorted.

“Wait. You guys haven’t done anything, right?!”

“No, we thought we both hated each other until last night. No room for any type of sexual activity.”

“By sexual activity I mean just kissing too.”

“The most we’ve ever done is a hug.”

“That can’t be enough,” Namjoon mumbled.

“Hey! Doesn’t this solve our handcuff issue?” Taehyung threw in. “Now you guys are stuck to each other without the need for handcuffs!”

“Which also means she has to come with us everywhere.”

“Maybe it’s just a temporary thing. We never would’ve found about whatever this is if we hadn’t fainted, so maybe it will go away after a week or two.”

“We should probably figure out how far you two can be from each other.”

“We can use the Big Hit parking lot to test it since it’s hidden from public eye. You guys up for it?” I glanced at Jungkook who nodded. I sighed. Things were just getting weirder and weirder.


“45 feet?” I repeated when we got back to the dorm.

“Yup, that’s when you guys fainted.”

“At least it wasn’t something ridiculous like 37.64 feet. We would’ve had to carry a ruler around with us everywhere we go.” We all laughed at that image.

“Well, I’m going to sleep. All this fainting really drains my energy,” Cathleen yawned.

“I guess I should follow suit. I’m pretty drained too.” She looked at me suspiciously, and I gave her a wink in return. She rolled her eyes before heading to her bedroom. I followed her until she stopped at the door and turned around to face me.

“Are we sharing a room now?” I opened his mouth to say something. “You sleep close enough to my room, we shouldn’t faint if we sleep in separate rooms.”

“I need to talk to you.”

“You can speak to me telepathically.” Aish she was difficult.

“It would be better in person.”

“But I’m going to be sleeping.”

“Aish! Am I really that undesirable to be with!?” I exploded before storming to my room. Me and my wonderful temper. I sighed while plopping onto my bed. She was just so frustrating. Why can’t I go in her room? I felt a slight feeling of fear creep in my heart. A few seconds later, I heard a soft knock on my door. What now? I forcefully threw the door open to see Cathleen standing on the other side, wringing her hands.

“What,” I said bluntly.

“I can’t sleep,” she mumbled. “I keep tossing and turning, and even though I’m really tired, my mind keeps telling me that I can’t sleep unless I’m next to you.” My mood calmed with her presence. I stepped aside to let her in, and her eyes widened slightly at my willingness to let her in before walking past me. The familiar smell of cotton candy filled my nose. I grabbed her wrist, and pulled her into my arms.


“If you can’t sleep alone, I probably can’t either. I’ll have Tae sleep in another room, so just stay with me tonight,” I whispered. Did I really just say that?


Did he really just say that? I wanted to say no, but my mind reasoned that I wouldn’t get any sleep if I were alone.

“I will,” I began as I pushed myself out of his embrace. “But we should just go to my room. I have a bigger bed, and we shouldn’t make Taehyung sleep somewhere else just because of our situation. Also you’re sleeping on the floor.” I laughed at his loud groan.

“This is so unfair,” I heard him grumble from the floor. “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow, and we have rehearsal,” he whined.

“Just go to sleep you big baby.” I turned off the lamp and closed my eyes. I tossed and turned in bed. We were near each other, so why can I still not sleep?



“I still can’t sleep.”

“Me either.”

“You can sleep on the bed,”“But you have to stay on your side.”“Goodnight Jungkook”


I had never felt so rested before. I was comfortably warm, and felt secure wrapped up in the covers. I never knew my covers could be so warm. I also didn’t know they moved and breathed... I opened my eyes and Jungkook’s face was centimeters from mine.

“Jagi it’s not time to get up yet. We still have 15 minutes,” he mumbled. Jagi? Last time I checked we had just become friends. Not boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Jungkook get off-“

“Jagi? Why are you being like this?” He was finally awake, but why was he still calling me Jagi?

“Jungkook what are you talking about?”

“Are you mad at me? You stopped calling me Jungkook after we started dating in the other


“What other world?” His eyes widened.

“What do you mean ‘what other world’? Did you forget?”

“Forget what?”

“Jagi, we were sent to this world together. Don't you remember?"

Chapter 5

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