To All The Graduates

It's Graduation Season! As a fellow graduate, I would just like to say...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :)

Here's my graduation contribution to the ELF 10 Year Anniversary Project

And here's a little BTS to celebrate graduation...same year as Jungkook!! :) (By the way, does anybody know if Jungkook is actually graduating this year?)

And some more BTS... :)

I hope everybody had a wonderful graduation! Here's to the next step in our lives!

I am first and foremost a Gamer. This, of course, has led me to fall for the whole Super Junior group and become an ELF. I am a part time VIP and Army and Shinhwa Changjo. I also enjoy music by CNBlue, Ft.Island, Shinee, Ailee, Sung Si-Kyung, Epik High, Got7, TVXQ, Block B, Beast, etc. I have an AFF account under the same name, so feel free to come over and read :)
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