5 Reasons the Giants Made a Mistake

Well what is done is done, but I'm just going to post this to prove a point that the Giants are going to regret not signing Tim Lincecum.

Check the list out below and let me know what you guys think!

1. Jake Peavy

We need a starter to replace Jake Peavy ASAP. We did not have high hopes for him but we also didn't expect him to be this terrible. But let's just face it. He's recording a 8.21 ERA and I think we've given him enough chances.

2. Good Stuff

He's still got good stuff. He was able to record 91-92 mph fastballs and with a bit more live pitching opportunities in the minors he can definitely get his speed back up. But most importantly, he's got his amazing curveball back again.

3. He's young.

Timmy is relatively young and still has a few more years left in him even after the hip surgery, he is only 31 years old right now. I mean looking at Bartolo Colon, 31 doesn't seem too bad.

4. Healthy

His arm is healthy and his mechanics are fine. Timmy said so and he's no longer in pain after that hip surgery and for all the scouts that has seen Lincecum's showcase have pointed out that his form is on point and in a month or two, he will be ready to pitch in the Majors.

5. He belongs with the Giants

I think this one is pretty obvious. He belongs in that black and orange uniform and it's going to be mad awkward to see him in those Angels uniform.

These are the reasons why the Giants will regret not signing The Freak.

Yes the Giants organization can suffer for not signing Timmy but us fans wish him the best and hope he can become The Freak, once again.

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