Room(Soul)Mates chapter 3: family meeting

Room(soul)Mates chapter 3 Namjoon Pov: " They should be here soon~" Jr. Hyung hummed as he .started to set the table. I sat at the table looking at the male. He was so happy at the finished meal he spent hours making. I chuckled as he clapped happily with a squeal. *beeps of the door* " Umma~!!" I turned to the door to see 4 males walking through the door. One ran to hyung almost knocking him down. Jr.hyung chuckled and patted the boy. “ It’s nice to see you too, Bambam” Jr.hyung said. “ I missed you~ these hyungs always tease me !” the young pout as the boys behind him chuckled . “ What did I tell you all about messing with your brother?” Jr. shook his head and smiled. “ He was being a brat like usual and he kept dabbing everywhere we went. Like the boy is addicted. “ one of the males that looked somewhat goofy yet in a cute way. “ Youngjae, you know I have to dab every morning when I wake up. It’s my good luck charm.” This kid is seriously weird. I chuckled to myself as I watch them playfully argue and caught up with each other. “ Ah. I forgot about you Seojoon-ssi!”Jr.hyung squealed a little. “ Guys, I want you to meet our new family member. He’s still in highschool like Bam and Yuggie so treat him well.” “ Yo new brother!  I’m Bam Bam , the tall child to my right is yugyeom “ the boy shyly waved. “ The eldest Mark. He doesn't talk much though.” the said male quietly said hi and looked back at his phone. “ This is Youngjae the weirdo. His English is absolute trash.”  the goofy looking make glared at the younger. I chuckled at the males in front of me. . “ I’m Seojoon, 3rd year.” I bowed a little. “ Now, that's out the way lets eat! “ Jr.clapped his hands and everyone sat down to eat. Again I sat awkwardly as everyone had their own conversations. Good thing the food was tasty but not as good as Himchan hyung's though. I felt a small tap on my shoulder.  I looked to my right to see Mark hyung poking me with his phone. He mouthed take it as he poked me. I took it and looked at the bright screen with words. Sorry, I don't talk much but since I’m the oldest I should welcome you. It’s great to meet you Seojoon-ssi. If you have any problems im a good person to talk to. I looked at the male with a smile. This was kind of cute and sweet.  I thanked him and we continued to eat . “ How could you all start to eat without me!? Im the star of the family !” a familiar voice sounded as it came closer to the table. The ghost. Everyone continued to just eat without a care in the world. The ghost pouted as he tried to eat the food but failed since it wasn't given. This is getting sad. I don't think I can watch any longer. A sigh left my mouth as I grabbed a few things of food. “ I’m going to go to bed a bit early. Im still a bit tired. Thank you for the food. “ I said getting up from the table. “ Are you sure you're okay, Seojoon-ssi? “ Jr.hyung said with a bit worry in his eyes. “ I’m fine, hyung.” I smiled and said my goodbyes taking the food with me. “ Wait for me!~~” the ghost followed me back to my room. I unpacked the food and set it out for him as a giving . “ Oh my god! Are you giving this to me?! You can see me, right! I knew something was different about you. “ he smiled and hungrily scarfed down the offering. “ If what they say is true maybe if I give the ghost some food he would play nice.” I said trying to side track the ghost from thinking I see him. It’s for the best. “ Awe, maybe you can't see me huh? Thank you anyways.” he pouted and continued to eat. He is so harmless than what Jr.hyung described. Im pretty sure he wouldn't hurt anyone other than maybe annoy them to death. I sighed and played on my phone until I fell asleep.   *few days past* “ Human, can you like give me food all the time? Jr. Doesn't feed me anymore. Hey human ~~ human ~~~” I knew I shouldn't gave him the food and now he wont let me be!!! He talks soooo much for no reason. I think I might lose it real soon. “ Human do you think humans and spirits could like do it? Like think about it? It could be possible right? “ Save me please ~~~~~ Filler after filler. Omg Im sorry for giving you guys bad content but I have to get these out the way. I had a better chapter than this written but for some reason google doc delete all of it so now Im sad. I lost inspiration for this chapter so Im just filling in chaps to get to the good stuff. I hope you guys can wait for meh Pweas.

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