Diamonds Are Forever- Part 1: Forever in the Shadows

IT'S BACK!!!! Here we go everyone! Now I know I said I would finish off Ice Princess then work on getting season two of Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend out..... BUT... .I have been flowing with ideas for this one so I decided to actually just get to it and start up season two Diamonds are Forever.

If you haven't read Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend I suggest you go read that before starting here because you will not understand half of what is going to happen this season. You can find all of those chapters....


SUMMARY: Three years after Nanami left Jin in the night, the boys have become well known and widely loved idols. She goes to every concert and watches every TV appearance, but with Rick on her heels she can never be near him. With another major heist in Korea can she contain the urge to reach out to him while she is back?

Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.

Well without further Adieu *drum roll* I present chapter one of Diamonds are Forever!!!!


Silence, the room felt thick with anticipation as the boys gathered onto the stage in the dark. The crowd sat silently waiting, watching for any kind of movement from the seven boys on stage. The first sound of the bass was all that they needed, within moments the room exploded, the defining screams almost drowning out the loud speakers and heavy bass.

The lights flickered on as the boys started to sing and she swore she saw a few of the girls near the front actually faint or start to cry. Nanami smiled and sang along to the songs she had listened to over and over again until Levi had threatened to break her phone.

The way they danced in unison, the complicated choreography making her dizzy and the heat of the lights making the boys sweat and glisten. There were hundreds of reasons why girls loved watching kpop performances, but for her? There was only one reason she even bothered breaking into an award show. Jin, her pretty boy. His voice called to her and she couldn’t deny how her heart would skip a beat whenever his part in a song came up.

The cold metal of the beam she laid on high above the audience brought her back to reality as their last song ended and the boys waved and exited the stage.

She shouldn’t have come. Her history with them was just that, history. It had ended the day she had left him asleep in the bed without any knowledge of her escape. She sighed and skillfully turned her body so she was laying with her back against the bar the crowd and ongoing show long forgotten.

“Almost three years.” She breathed and smirked to herself. “Wonder if they even remember a nasty little thief like me?” She chuckled and swung herself up to walk back across the bars and to the way she had come in. If she was honest with herself, she would say that this was not the first time she had crashed one of their concerts. She was still traveling with Levi and of course stealing pretty shiny things, but if she was somewhere and they had a concert? She would go. If they were filming a show or had a new MV or the such? She was right on top of it. To anyone looking from the outside she just looked like an obsessed fan, but to Levi? To Levi, Nanami just looked like a love sick puppy.

Nanami shivered at the thought. She knew she was acting out of character. No matter how many times she tried to tell herself that she was only checking up to make sure all of the boys were okay, she knew that deep down she really just wanted to see Jin’s face again. She sighed and shook her head forcefully. “Get over it girl. Those boys are in another league now and you are just a nightmare from a past they wish to forget.” With a slight smile she jumped out of the building and made her way back to work. She did have a heist to pull off tonight after all.


“The diamond was stolen last night along with a few other large holding pieces at the museum. The robbery itself seems to have taken place during the Kpop award show leading experts to think the thieves were hoping on everyone’s attention to be on the show itself.” The news woman said.

“Sadly they were right.” The man next to her spoke up. “Even the security for the building was watching the show. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses and all of the cameras in the building were shut down during the heist.”

Jin let out a sigh of relief and turned the TV off. She was still safe. If you called stealing high priced jewels and running from a psycho, safe. ‘Almost three years’ he thought to himself. He would never forget the heart wrenching feeling of waking up to realize she had left the country. Even though the boys had tried to stop him he still left to the airport in an attempt to stop her, but he was too late. He didn’t even know where she was going to go. Just like Levy had told him… Nanami had disappeared and left no clues of how to find her.

The first year had been hard. Jin kept looking over his shoulder hoping to see her hiding among the reporters or the fans, but she was never there. It wasn’t until around the second year she had been gone, when the boys had started to get more famous, that his world had crashed. It was a fan sign event and he could have sworn he saw her hanging from the ledge of the mall’s second story, but by the time he had gotten the attention of Namjoon who was sitting next him, she was no longer there. That is when it started. He would see her at concerts, fan signings, mv shootings. The rest of the guys just told him he was seeing what he wanted to. That she had surely forgotten about all of them and moved on the prettier more expensive gems. Well all accept Jungkook.


Jin looked up at the little maknae’s voice and shook his head. “There was another robbery but they don’t know who did it.” This had turned into their nightly routine. Jungkook could never bring himself to watch the news just in case she was shown being taken away by the police, so he would wait until the sound of the TV was gone and he would come down the stairs to ask Jin.

“Good.” They didn’t have long conversations when it came to Nanami. The rest of the boys always started to get antsy when they would talk about her for too long. “Did you see her last night?”

Jin shook his head. “No it was too dark for me to see. Plus, the heist happened while the award show was going on so I don’t know if she would have come.”

Jungkook nodded and turned to head back up the stairs. Was this how their lives were going to be from now on? Constantly monitoring the news for any talk of a captured thief in possession of many diamonds and jewels? Jin let out another sigh and shook his head.

“You know, you sigh any louder and the house is going to fall.” Jimin plopped himself down on the couch next to Jin and shook his head. “Hyung, have you ever thought it was time to move on?”

Jin turned to the younger idol and nodded his head, “Every day.”


“Oh? And why would we stay here?” Nanami looked at Levi curiously.

“In a few months there is going to be another showing of a major art piece.” Levi explained.

Nanami rolled her eyes. “And?” She had quickly lost interest in the conversation as she laid down on the couch closing her eyes. “I hate art.” Levi could hear the boredom nearly dripping off of her words.

“Oh I know you have no interest in the art pieces, but…the art piece isn’t what we are going after.”

Nanami sprang up with an oomph as Levi dropped a book on her stomach. After glaring at the younger girl she looked down at the book now in her lap. “The Diamond of Queens”. A smirk formed on Nanami’s lips as she looked up at Levi. “Oh Levi love, do tell me more.”

The diamond was breath taking, and under any other circumstances she would have jumped at the chance to nab it for herself. The problem wasn’t the pretty gem that she would steal… but yet the one she was trying to hide from. She sighed and looked up at the stars. Could she really stay in Korea and hold back the urge to see him face to face again?

Nanami had been back in Korea for a month and already she had caught herself walking to their dorms. What if she really saw him? He was an idol now and she shouldn’t bother him… she knew this. Yet she still couldn’t bring herself to stay away. She had to admit that she had been wrong with how she had left him in the first place, but she also knew that if he would have given her that look and told her to stay with him she would have. She couldn’t let that happen though. Rick was still out looking for her and he was far the point of giving up still.

She blew her bangs out of her face and pursed her lips. “Geez girl, who are you and what happened to Nanami?” She laughed at herself. Levi had been the one to point out all of her changes….


The man leaned down to look Nanami in the face, the smirk on his face indicating he had more in mind than a simple ‘hello, how are you?’

“Move.” Nanami stated bored as she tried to look at the TV situated behind him.

“Awe come on now. You look like someone who likes to have fun. I’m a nice guy, why not let me buy you a drink?”

“Move.” Her voice was still calm and her eyes still hadn’t even acknowledged his presence.

“Hey I’m talking to you!” The man’s voice started to raise and Levi smirked to herself as she moved slightly away from Nanami. She knew exactly why her sister was ignoring the man in front of her like he was just some annoying wall. Jin, it was always Jin. Their live performance was supposed to start soon and there was no way she was going to miss listening to him sing. In all truth she loved supporting all of the boys but there was no getting around the fact that her heart only belonged to one. The fact that she had actually given her heart to a man surprised Levi. “Hey Bitch!”

Nanami’s face was still natural as she leaned over to see the TV. Levi watched as her eyes lit up with the announcement of Jin doing a solo cover tonight. The sight of him walking on stage towards a piano brought a smile to her face and the man turned around to look at the screen. “You are ignoring me for that gay girlie boy.” Levi flinched as Nanami’s eyes finally moved to look at the man in front of her. “He wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like you. Honestly he probably doesn’t even like women.” Nanami’s eyes darkened the more the man spoke. “Look honey I can show you a good time that will make you forget that stupid, untalented, girlie boy idol.” A smirk took over the space of Nanami’s lips as she cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow at the man.

“I will give you until the count of three to move. I am rather interested in watching that ‘girlie boy’ sing his song.” Nanami looked at the man expectantly.

“And what are you going to do if I don’t move?” The man laughed taking in Nanami’s small frame and stature.


The man continued to smirk at her amused.


Levi pulled a lollipop out of her pocket and leaned back watching the two rather amused.

“Three” Before the word had even completely left her lips Nanami was up and out of her chair. She kicked the back of his knee in one swift move causing him to get down on her level. With a loud smack she slammed his head into the table she had been sitting at, her wine glass jumping a bit before Levi picked it up. Nanami moved pushing her knee into the back of the man’s neck and leaned down to smirk into his ear. “I asked you nicely to move.” She clicked her tongue and shook her head. “And just so you know that girlie pretty boy could handle me better than you ever could.” For extra measure Nanami slammed the man’s head into the table again before pulling his collar backwards and throwing him haphazardly on the ground around her feet.

Nanami moved to smooth out her shirt and take her seat just in time for Jin to finishing talking with the crowd and get ready to start his song. Levi giggled to herself as she watched the mix of horrified and impressed looks on everyone’s faces as they stared at her sister.

The sweet sounds of the piano filled the air right before she heard his voice. It didn’t take long for her to realize what song he was singing. Her heart ached as she listened on, her mind fighting to let any thoughts through. On one hand she just wanted to melt into the sound of his voice singing the words she secretly longed to hear, on the other hand she wondered if the song was meant for her. Was she being too wrapped up in herself thinking he would sing a song like this for her?

As the song came to an end Nanami shook her head and chuckled. Who was she kidding, there was no way he was singing a song to her. She would be surprised if he even remembered who she was. With her trademark smirk back on her lips she turned to look at Levi. “Levi love, I think it’s time to head back home. We have a ‘Diamond of Queens’ to look into.” With a chuckled she stepped onto the still sprawled out body of the man she had bashed into the thick wood table and made her way to the door. She could do this. As long as he never said a word to her there would never be a reason for her to reach out to him. As long as he didn’t call to her, she would be able to hold her ground and get this job done right. Then just like before, she could disappear into the shadows and continue to watch him from afar.

(The song Jin singings)

Well I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of Diamonds here! I know it isn't much but I have to ease you into all that is the drama of season two.

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it!!

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