Fashion Palette: Ice-Cream Pop!

I was hunting for homemade ice-cream pop recipes to try at home and thought of the idea to create mood board using the popsicle palette. I got a little crazy after making one one layout on photoshop. So, I'm sharing them here along with the popsicle recipes link!

Strawberry Ice-Cream PopHungry Girl Por Vida

Fashion photography:Paul & Martin

Frozen Coconut Mango PopSkinny Taste

Fashion photography:Jadore-Fashion

Chai Spiced Coconut Fig Popsicle (Vegan)Tasty Yummies

Fashion photography:Esther Boutique

Creamy Chocolate Avocado PopsicleThe Little Epicurean

Fashion photography:Larmoni

Coconut Pineapple Yogurt PopsicleRecipe Runner

Fashion photography:The Curious Bumble Bee

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