This Contouring Technique Will Give You Secret Garden Feels

It doesn't get too much more artistic than this.

Ever so often, the world of beauty takes contouring to the next level. As usual, you think you've seen it all until there's something new that hits the scene. This time, beauty gurus are trying their hand at flower contouring. If art isn't your steelo, this sculpting technique is probably not for you. If you're familiar with contouring then you know just how important it is when it comes to sculpting and carving out ones face to create structure.

This form of contouring contains quite a few products including concealer, highlighter, color-correctors, and contouring products. Now the one thought running through my mind is, 'who in the world actually has the time to do all of this?' You would be surprised. Keep scrolling to check out the video below to see how it's done.

Would you take the time out to do flower contouring?

Have you ever tried this technique?

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