Isn’t it sad that a kpop group/idol you know that is as good as any other kpop group/idol, are underrated? I know this kind of stuff happens,but come on people, it shouldn’t. There are so many amazing underrated people out there that it is not even funny, for instance, Topp Dogg. I’ve known Topp Dogg for a while, and that is a long while since it has not been very long that I’ve been an official kpop fan. The first ever mv that i saw of Topp Dogg is from their song TopDog, and all i had to say, it was amazing and stunning to me. It blew me away, it wasn’t just like any other mv, it was like when you see a brand new experience, and i'm not saying this because I’m biased of topp dogg and more groups. I was impressed by their full potential...that may not even be their full potential. But besides of how Dope their mvs are, they are a unique set of boys who just want to be as famous as any other group. (plz keep reading) And speaking of Dope..I’m gonna remind you of how BTS came to be, BTS started slow like any other group, but they quickly made it to the top. I believe that topp dogg and all other underrated groups and idols can do the same! I really hope their variety show gets them somewhere. If you have not seen any of topp dogg’s mvs,i recommend “Cigarette” “Top dog” and “Annie” if you want to get into them, listen to their albums too, they're worth listening to. And if you guys know any other underrated groups leave in comments and tell me about it!.

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