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Chapter 1

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Chapter 9

Previously on Dream Come True (In tv intro voice):

=-=-=---=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=- He caressed my cheek and wiped the left over tears off my face with his thumb. He caressed my cheek and wiped the left over tears off my face with his thumb.

"i'll always be here to save the day... trust me..."

I smiled. i saw that more blood was coming out of his lip. I quickly went into a stall and grabbed paper. I wet the tip of the paper towel and told him to sit on top of the counter so we could be face to face. (the counter was quite short)

It made me think really off topic

Kyungsoo was not extremely short, his height was normal its just that everyone else was crazy tall XD

I kept dabbing his lip and felt his stare on me. I slowly was hypnotized by his lips. My head kept getting closer and closer. I caught my self and tried to act as if i was getting a closer look.

<<smooth right?>>

Its just they looked so kissable and so luscious and..... nevermind *blushes inside*

Once i was done i smiled.

He got up and took a step forward towards me and adjusted the jacket so it was firmly on my shoulders. He looked in my eyes and paused. We kept staring in each other's eyes.

"Renesmay..." he said in a whisper.

"When did u get so pretty?"

I blushed at his words.

Then the door swung open causing our heads to shoot toward the door.

"Was i interrupting something?"

We quickly turned to see an agitated Baekhyun.

"N-nothing..." I said.

A completely turned getting out of Kyungsoo's warm embrace. Baekhyun eyed me.

"...okay...if you say so..."

he quickly jumped up getting to his cheery state. He skipped towards us grabbing my hand which Kyungsoo was holding.

<<Gosh i didnt even notice>>

He opened the door and did a cheesy bow letting me go first. Before he closed it he gave Kyungsoo a dark glare. One that would leave Kyungsoo dead if looks could kill. He wrapped his hand around my waist as we headed back to the group.

"Come here" Suho said taking me from Baekhyun. He hugged me tightly and pet my back. I hugged him back stepping forward so it was more comfortable for me and him.

They told me how I wont need to worry about him for a loooooong time. I guess they had beaten him up seeing as there was some blood splattered on the floor.

<<These are keepers>>

Still in Suho's hug I started to speak, tightening my grip on Suho not really wanting to let go.

"What did i do to deserve friends like you."

At this point everyone was around us giving a group hug.

Tears started to fall from my eyes. As we broke apart i wiped them and giggled.

"Sorry Im bring the night down" I said giggling slightly.

"Its not your fault, anyways lets go get that food!" Chayeol said effortlessly putting his hand on my shoulders guiding me forward.

We turned the corner and saw a barbecue place still open. It wasnt crowded which was perfect. Last thing i need is to be pushed away by crazy fangirls.

We entered and were instantly recognized.

Suho went in front of us and took the hands of the woman who came out of the kitchen.

"Halmonee~ can we get a room in the back, please. We dont want to get any attention" Suho said gently to the older woman who owned the place.

"Y-yes of c-course" she stuttered in shock of who was in front of her.

Suho flashed his warm smile and patted her hands as he let them go.

A young man (probably her grandson) led us to the back room. He really was handsome.

Picture this:

Eyes and eye smile of Jimin form BTS,

Great hair like Suga from BTS,

Ears like Chanyeol,

Lips like Rapmon from BTS,

Height of Kwangsoo (running man)

Jawline that could cut anything in its path

and the laugh of an angel.

Yet he had the eye color of someone like William Levy (Last Pic)

I read his name tag.


I made eye contact with him and he gave me a smile.

< Oh how embarrassing, I look like this and im here in front of this guy... Aigoo...>

I smiled back feeling a bit of heat in my cheeks. Now that i think about it. He would really fit with Ivy....hmm.... I think its time i use my cupid powers...

I pretended i got a call but in reality i was taking a pic for Ivy.

I sent it and she instantly replied.

We ordered practically everything on the menu and i kept making eye contact with Ian. We would have small talk and he honestly would fit perfectly with Ivy.

Ivy + Ian

Ian + Ivy


I ship it!!!!!

I learned he spoke English two and was half korean half mexican. He loved animals, wanted another dog, helped his grandma everyday except Saturdays with the shop, loved to cook and eat, moved to Korea at 17 and practically was the male version of Ivy except that Ivy was African American. We learned Korean together during college.


Me and Ian were talking and we kept laughing. Every once in a while we would switch from talking in english to talking in Spanish and back to Korean.


his grandma called.

"I gotta go but give me your number! i think we can be really good friends!" He said smiling. I smiled back and wrote my number on a napkin. I ripped it and before he could leave i wanted to mention Ivy.

"Hey wait before u go, can i show u someone..." I said this as i pulled up the nicest picture i had of Ivy.

"wow" he said as he took my phone and looked at her and other pictures. He had started to walk away phone in hand still in awe.

"Do you mind if i, ya know.... set ya'll up?"


"Yeah why not!"

"Thank you soooo much!!!"

He hugged me and did the thing almost every hispanic does.

We did the cheek kiss thingy and he was off.


"Buenos Noches!!!! Que te vaya bien!!!" I yelled back.

I smiled at the texts before going back to our seats. Kyungsoo scooted next to me so that there really wasnt any space between us.

We ate we talked and we did what ever we wanted. We drank we talked we did everything!

By the time we left it was around 2 am.

Must admit I drank a lot. After Ian left i was trying to keep my mind off of what had happened earlier but i couldnt. The members helped me but at the same time the things on the table kept reminding me of times I had with....him.

Our first date, our first kiss..

everything started to flood in.

Im not saying i didnt have a good time but each time a memory popped up in my head i drank more. Im not a light weight but at the same time I wasnt a heavy one either.

As our time was getting to an end and we were walking out. Before so i had to say my OFFICIAL goodbye.

"Adios mi amigo!!! Before i leave i just gotta know, are you my oppa or dongsaeng?"

"i think im a year older, so im oppa!" He said flashing a smile.

We did the cheek kiss thing again. And I waved good bye.

"Que te vaya bien!" He yelled as we exited the door.

"Adios Oppa!"

We walked down the dark streets and I must say i was slightly tipsy..... ok ok i was actually pretty drunk from all the soju.

I tried to walk straight but i couldnt. I stumbled and thankfully Kyungsoo was there for me. He caught me in his arms so i we were face to face. I had just realized how close we were and started to blush. We heard someone clear their throat which made me blush harder. I peaked at who it was. To my surprise it was Kai.

Kyungsoo and I stayed at the back of the group as I was still struggling to go anywhere.

I kept tripping and that was when Kyungsoo grabbed my hand and pulled me fast to avoid me from falling. He pulled me so fast i had hit against his strong chest.

I slowly looked up and at the same he was slowly looking down. Our eyes met and we stared into each others eyes once more.

"...um... Renesmay get on my back... last thing i want is for you to get hurt so please. Please get on my back."

I flopped on his back wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

to be continued.....


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this chapter and the next will be coming soon!

What will happen? What will Kyungsoo do?

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