Sir~ Chapter 2

Genre: Angst, CEO au

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Length: 2685 words

Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.

Part: 2/?

A/N: I’m sorry this was rushed and not well written. I am so darn ill I can barely see what I’m typing haha, so sorry once again! Much love x

It was finally the lunch, and I left for my well deserved break- having a desk job meant I wasn’t used to being on my feet all day. Jimin wasn’t in the office but he wouldn’t miss me over lunch. I went to meet my best friend. No, not Jungkook. The coffee machine- my head was killing.

“Hey y/n!” Speak of the devil. I whirled around smiling at the sound of Jungkook’s voice. “You still have lunch breaks with us? The usual secretaries tend to stay in the office. The boss has a load of snacks in his office , I’ve heard.”

“I don’t care about snacks, I want coffee”, I pouted. He chuckled at my babyish behaviour. “Plus I’m already tired of having no one to talk to. Being a secretary is so lonely. Are you going out with the boys for lunch?” I asked as I caught his frantically texting as I was complaining.

“Not anymore I’m not”, he smiled, pocketing the phone. “I’m gonna grab a coffee with you. Not very hungry.” I beamed at him, grateful that he was going to spend lunch with me. “Thanks Jungkook.”

“Don’t worry about it. How’s the job going?”

“It’s...Well, it’s alright. He asks me to do errands and I do them. I don’t get how the secretaries earn more because their job is a hell of a lot easier.”

We both grabbed our coffees and sat in the floor’s communal area. Jungkook got comfortable by resting his feet on the low table we kept our outdated magazines on.

“Ugh, my feet though”, I groaned, kicking of the heels and massaging my feet. “These shoes are hell to walk in.” I glanced up at Jungkook, and he was simply sipping his coffee, staring at me.

“What is it?”

“It’s been half a day y/n. And I’ve never been so bored at work.” I laughed lightly. “Well you won’t be bored this afternoon, because I have like two tasks left and then I’m done.”

It’s not like I could go home after, because all workers had to stay a certain number of hours. If we ever finished early, we would me told to make a start on tomorrow’s tasks- but hardly anyone ever finished early.

“So I can come and annoy you”, I grinned. He sighed. “I have three quarters of todays work left. Hardly got anything done this morning.” I frowned. Jungkook was one of the most productive workers under this whole company.

“Is something wrong?”

“Is, it’s nothing. I’m just tired. We all lack motivation sometimes, you know?” I gave a small smile in agreement. Even the golden boy had his down days. “Well, I can help. I’m gonna be done soon after lunch, so I’ll act as an extra pair of hands. We’ll get it done in half the time.”

His smile would have put the sun to shame. “Have I ever told you, you’re the best?”, he asked, grinning appreciatively.

“Honey, I already know”, I giggled, downing the coffee, and putting the empty cup on the table. Burnt my mouth but almost instantly started to relieve the headache. I drew my legs in (which was harder than it looked in a pencil skirt) and leaned into him, sighing. After nestling my head on his shoulder I spoke. “I’m tired too Jungkook. And I don’t even get to go home after work.”

“What do you mean? You have to do extra hours?” I could see why he would think that, seeing as four people had been fired to make way for me. “No...the Boss wanted to take me to dinner”, I spoke quietly, in case anyone was prying. That was unlikely, seeing as the communal area was dead every lunchtime, but one can never be certain.

“What? He’s breaking the very rules he set?”

“Apparently they don’t apply to him”, I shrugged.

“Aww”, Jungkook teased, placing his coffee cup down with mine. My head fell like a dead weight onto his lap when he leaned forward, seeing as I had put all my weight on his shoulder. “Boss has got a crush.”

I scrambled up and sat on my knees. “Jeon Jungkook!” I was mortified. Someone could have heard his teasing. My hair was a mess now because of Jungkook’s sudden movement.

He started laughing, finding my expression hilarious, and I started trying to get him in a headlock as a punishment for one, taking the mick and two, ruining my hair.

He doubled over, still laughing, but not fighting back. “Stop!” He yelled, barely able to get the word out through his incessant laughter. “Say sorry!”, I laughed back.

Before he could say anything, we heard a small cough and I immediately let go of Jungkook. I looked up slowly and there he was. Leaning against the wall, hands in pockets, sleeves rolled up. He looked like he had been in a long, stressful meeting.

Perhaps that’s why his office had been empty. And his timing was absolutely impeccable.


The way he was glaring at us was definitely not a good sign. I sat down next to Jungkook normally, my shoes still laying by me feet. After what felt like the longest silence of my life, he turned around and walked away, leaving us dumbfounded.

I closed my eyes and leaned back, sighing exasperatedly. “I screwed up. Again.” Even so, I got through my tasks, and helped Jungkook with his. He had a lot to get through, some of which I recognised as tasks that were normally assigned to me. So I did those quickly and helped him with what was left.

However, my mind was elsewhere. Jimin had been cold and indifferent towards me for the rest of the day, not even glancing up when I had to inform him after each task that I was done. So I had just slowly backed out of his office and left him to it.

Jungkook thanked me for the millionth time that day. “You’re welcome”, I groaned and he laughed, knowing I wanted him to stop already.


“- If you thank me one more time I swear-”

“No...I just wanted to say sorry. About lunch. He seemed pissed.”

“Don’t be. We were just having fun. Not hurting anybody”, I replied. He knew I had to stay, so didn’t offer the lift back as usual. I didn’t even know why he started this tradition of offering me a lift every night anyway because firstly, it was Hoseok’s car and secondly, he knew I would need a lift. But some things become habit.

“Tell Taehyung and Hoseok I said ‘hi’ “, I called after him. He nodded and waved once more, going home to rest. Something I wished I could do right now, as I headed to Jimin’s office. I was kind of hoping he would be mad enough at me to call the whole thing off, because I was that exhausted.

I knocked hesitantly, waiting for his permission to enter. I hadn’t done that since getting his job, but barging into his office really didn’t seem sensible right now.

“Come in.” My heart started pounding erratically when I heard his voice. I opened the door, and peeked in. The first thing I laid my eyes on was his desk- the papers and files on it had all been co-ordinated by me, earlier that day, in adherence to his filing system.

And then I looked up to him. Sitting in his large, black office chair, his fingers interlocked as he looked at me, waiting for me to come in and close the door, so I did. I lingered awkwardly in the large space between the door and his desk, unsure of what to do with myself. His demeanour was calm, but his eyes told a different story.

“Sorry to bother you sir, but I came to check if you were still wanting to...go eat, but you look busy so...”, I started backing away at this point, eager to get away from this situation. I started to wonder if it would have been easier to pretend like I had forgotten and just gone home.

“Did I say you could leave?”, he asked, cutting off my rambling. “, but you aren’t exactly telling me to stay either so-”

“Take a seat, y/n.”

I gritted my teeth, but complied, forcing my sore feet to move to the seat. Closer to him. His sleeves were still rolled up and it took all my willpower to not gawk at his arms.

“How have you been? Getting on with the jobs ok?”

I frowned to myself. Where was he going with this? “I’ve been well thank you. And yes, the tasks are fine. Nothing I can’t do.” I felt like I was sat in another job interview.

“I see. And where in those tasks did I tell you to flirt with other workers?” He asked that so casually I thought I misheard him. “I’m sorry?”

“You heard me. Where?”

I knew what he was talking about. And he knew I knew. Yet my dumb ass still tried to act innocent. “I don’t know what you mean Sir...”, I trailed off weakly.

“We both know you’re lying. But I’ll still spell it out for you. You were all over Mr Jeon Jungkook at lunchtime, am I right?”

“We were just fooling around...”. He held his hand up to silence me and I immediately shut up, looking down into my lap. I felt like a kid who had got caught messing about at school.

The silence was killing me. I hadn’t looked up but I knew exactly where his eyes were focused. On me.

“No secretary of mine as ever behaved like this before”, he finally spoke. “You know why? They've only ever had eyes for me.” What, four of them at once?

But obviously I didn’t say that. No, instead I just whispered, “I’m sorry.” Although if I’m honest, I had no idea what I was apologising for. For having a laugh with my friend?

“No you aren’t”, he replied lazily. The words effortlessly rolled off his tongue, like he knew I was about to apologise beforehand. “You’re not sorry. You’ve always been extremely close to Mr Jeon, so why would you be sorry?” The tone of his voice made me look up to meet his eyes. It was a mix of curiosity and annoyance.

The way he was staring at me made the coil in my stomach tighten. His gaze was...well sinful was the only way to describe it. “I’m sorry for not complying with your rules Sir”, I replied, hoping that’s what he would want to hear.

But clearly it wasn’t. He tutted. “Drop the formalities y/n. “ He stood up swiftly, and I was left staring at the now empty chair, my eyes refusing to look up at him. He was clearly someone of an unpredictable nature, and what was more concerning was, by now, the floor would be empty. Maybe even the whole building. It was just us.

“Listen to me”, he spoke quietly, getting nearer and nearer. I nodded to show him I was listening. I lost site of him in my peripheral vision, and suddenly he came out of nowhere, his hands resting on the arms of my chair, his face inches away from mine.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

As hard as it was, I forced myself to make eye contact. His breath smelt of coffee and...I think it was mint. Upon discovering this, I realised I had been holding my own breath, and exhaled slowly, my heart pounding like mad.

“I don’t like this ‘friendship’”, he exclaimed, tilting his head at my when I raised my eyebrows, slightly shocked at what he was saying. What could I do if he didn’t like it? And why should I care if he didn’t like it?

Jimin slowly released his grip of one side of the chair and caressed my cheek. “I know you helped him with his work today too. That was his job. It’s what I pay him to do.”

“But...he was falling behind so I-”

“You want him to get fired?”, he asked, all too eagerly, cupping my chin. “N-no!” I was horrified at the very thought. Jungkook an extremely hard worker and no way in hell did he deserve to have his position at the company questioned.

“No”, I repeated. “He’s one of your best workers.”

“Is that right?” The question sounded rhetoric so I stayed quiet. What the hell did he have against Jungkook anyway? “When you were late”, he started talking almost immediately, and I was glad I had stayed quiet. “You were covering for him weren’t you? Don’t lie. It was written all over his face.”

I didn’t lie. Because I didn’t even answer the question. But clearly my silence was enough because he smirked. “I want you to keep to your duties. Want a break? Come sit with me. Want lunch? I’m here. Want a good time?...”, he trailed off, winking at me. I was internally screaming at his suggestive comment.

But I was also in dismay. He wanted me to spend the whole working day with him? No wonder we never saw any of his secretaries. “But...what if you’re busy? Like you were today.”

He leaned in and whispered, so so seductively. “Then you wait for a good girl.” His lips ghosted over my neck as he finished his sentence, and I sighed in response, my hand finding his broad shoulder to try and keep him there.

Park Jimin. Boss. Sir. He was a weird one, that was for sure. He would be giving you a telling off and the next thing you know, you’re all hot and bothered, wanting him. Needing him.

His lips found mine and the whole room, in fact, probably the whole building was silent apart from the pants from us in this one office. He pulled back and I slowly stood up, refusing to break the contact from this heavenly feeling.

His hand started riding my skirt up, and he gripped my thigh, making me gasp into his mouth. He was flush up against my body but still trying to pull me in closer. I pulled away to breath and he instantly let go of me. I almost fell to the ground as a result. I watched, confused, as he walked back to his desk, and sat down, starting to type on his keyboard like I wasn’t even there. “Sir?”

He smirked at the disdain in my voice, knowing full well he had got to me. “Yes y/n?” I didn’t actually know how to express my feelings verbally, so I stared at him open-mouthed.

“Oh that’s right”, he pretended like he had just remembered, the grin on his face telling me that he was enjoying this as much as I was hating it.

“You came to ask about the dinner! Sorry baby, I’ve got work to do. We’ll have to reschedule.” I bit my lip to myself cursing at him as he turned back to face his computer. He had just stopped talking to me, just like that.

Like a child discarding a broken toy. “Guess I’ll be going then", I muttered. He didn’t look up. I wanted to get a reaction from him before I left. Something. Anything.

“Glad I had plans with my friend tonight then”, I announced, right by the door. That’s when he looked up, his head snapping up. I hadn’t said ‘friends’, plural. I had said ‘friend’, singular. And he knew who I was referring to.

Of course me and Jungkook didn’t have any plans. But I knew now that he wasn’t particularly fond of Jungkook, and he had just treated me like shit so...payback’s a bitch.

“What the fuck did you just say to m-”

I cut him off by slamming the door in his face. So this was the elusive Park Jimin behind closed doors. As I hurried away, I smiled to myself. If he wanted to play this game, I was up for it.

Because I would win.

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