Seoul Auto Salon 2013 Part 2

The Seoul Auto Salon really exceeded my expectations, knowing that the automotive industry here is just starting to take off. Despite the modified genesis coupes it was really awesome to see the wide variety of muscle, european and import cars. On one corner you had a twin turbo GT500 while on the other hand you have an ae86 hatch with a sr20det. Unlike the US and Japan, the "Hellaflush" scene hasn't quite taken off here in Korea. Although you do see glimpses of it. They are more focused on go fast bits and body kits. It almost reminds me of the car scene 4-5 years ago. To all of those overseas who have attended Sema or Tokyo Auto Salon, I would really recommend checking out the show. For $10 it is extremely hard to beat. Lastly, I really want to say thanks to Motortime Korea and the rest of their racing team for welcoming me in. Despite my limited amount of Korean I was glad to have the opportunity to check out their 147 Alfa Romeo and meet everyone on the team. I hope they do well in their upcoming Super GT event. Till next time Takashi02

Photographer and Car Enthusiast from Hawaii. Currently living in Seoul. Please send me a message if you would like me to post anything car related. 日本語でいいよ〜
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