The Dancer PT. 5

Pairing: Reading X Kai Fluff/ School Enjoy

I quickly pushed away from him and stood up saying ,"We can't do this it's not going to help you." He sat up surprised at my words and said"why not?" I replied, "Beacause you are still in love with Kate. And you don't like me that way." He interrupted my next sentence saying, " I am over her and I do like you." I stop him and say" You like the idea that I am here for you and you are deceiving yourself. After seeing you last night I know for sure that you are not over the breakup. I put on my shoes and head towards the door. He quickly followed me. When I walked out the door he yelled, "how can I prove it to you?" I stopped and turned and said, "Tomorrow I will come get you and we will go to practice together. When you come face to face with Kate show me that you are over her." He replied waving with an ok. Monday's practice came around quick. I walked to Kai's classroom. I feel bad about putting Kai through this insane test. It was no point to it him and I both knew he wasn't over her. Am I just torturing him for my own selfish reasons? What will happen when see's her? As I am waiting patiently on Kai, the homewrecking whore comes walking past me with her new playmate Sehun. See looks at me and begins to laugh and kept walking. About five minutes he walks out the classroom. "Sorry for making you wait." I reply, "it's fine." With that we walked to the practice room." As we approached the door his pace began to become slower. He became hesitant and the face of pain returned. I asked "are you ok, you don't have to do this. I sorry I was being selfish. Don't do this if you are not ready." With a smile he says, "As long as you are by my side, I have the courage to do this." He bent down and place his lips on mine. Then he proceeded to walk in the practice room. I followed I didn't see Kate or Sehun. Kai went to the director to aplogize for his absents. Then moments later Kate comes waltzing in. Surprisingly practice went smoothly. He avoided making contact with Kate and Sehun. We walked outside and he smiled and asked "Do you believe me now that I'm over her? Now can you give me a chance?" I smiled and before I could respond Kate rudely interrupted me." I see you bounce back quick. But also looks like you downgraded." I have had it with Kate and her attitude. I laughed at her. She responded "You find something funny?" I say, "Yes, I am a upgrade. I'm better than a two faced cheating slut like you. I would never hurt and cheat on him." Then I pulled Kai in for a kiss. The first time I ever initiated a kiss between us. He was shocked at first than he wrapped his hands around my waist and deepened the kiss. I pull away and whispered, "There's your answer." Kate was pissed. She tried to pull me away from his embrace but I snatched away from her hold. I retorted with a attitude, " Your man is over there so stay the hell away from mines." I took Kai by the hand and we walked towards the parking lot. When we got to his car he said," So I'm yours now?" I begin to blush. He lifted my chin and placed he lips on mines. I wrapped my arm around his neck and then he place his hands on my waist deepen the kiss.

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