EXID and EXO battle it out with their vocals on 'Sugarman' and the winner is...?

It was a face off that we've all been waiting to see: the battle of the vocals between EXID and EXO! 'Sugarman's May 24 airing drew this anticipated battle, and both teams gave it their best shot to win the audience votes and hearts. Hani and Solji performed a broadway reinterpreted version of Park Hye Kyoung's "To Me Again," mixing up the original rock song with a bit of pizzazz. Chen and Chanyeol toned things down with Do Won Kyung's "If We Love Again," turning the original rock ballad into a more soothing, easy acoustic melody. The votes came neck to neck; however, it seemed the audience favored Chen and Chanyeol's performance over Hani and Solji's, resulting in a victory for Yoo Jae Suk's team. Congrats Yoo Jae Suk and EXO. Source: Allkpop

I thought the girls did well, and as I read this I already knew they would pick EXO lol.. Anyways, how about Chanyeol's singing?? Amazing if you ask me.Kpop Fam:

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