Last Minute Styles for Unwashed Hair

The best option for second day hair during summer is freshen it up with dry shampoo, but sometimes even with dry shampoo your hair might look messy. The quickest way to fix this is to style it. Chances if you are relying on dry shampoo to fix your hair you're probably in a rush. Below are three easy hairstyle that you can complete within 3 minutes!

Fake Milkmaid Braid

Divide your hair in quads and make four ponytails. Take the top ponytail from either side and divide it into two pieces to form a criss-cross strand. Repeat to the other ponytails. Once you're done, take the section from the front and create a crown as pictured. Repeat with the bottom but instead of layering on the top you be layering them at the bottom.

Half Awake Braid

This is super simple! Make a braid on one side pin it to the other end. Repeat on the other side.

Fake Faux Hawk

Create small buns from top to bottom securing each with bobby pins.

All photos credit: Refinery29.

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