10 Comics All Introverts (And Some Extroverts) Can Relate To!

If you've been following my Memes for Millenials or I Know That Feel collections, you probably realized by now that I post a whole lot of webcomics. Why? Because I love the creativity involved, I love the heart behind the humor, and I ESPECIALLY love that 'Oh my god! This is ME!' moment that happens with some of them.

Lately, I've been noticing that there's been a whole lot of webcomics dedicated to introverts. (Apparently, a lot of popular comic artists would classify themselves as such!)

Here are 10 webcomics that nail what it is to be introverted. Introverts of Vingle, do these sound like you?

1. Public speaking? Pass.

2. Post-conversation anxiety is too real.

3. Online ordering is your savior - until the whole 'answering the door' part.


4. Rainy days and sweater weather are your absolute favorite times of the year.

5. Your real friends are in full support of your lazy day habits.

6. Making a phone call (ANY phone call) requires 5 - 10 minutes of preparation.

7. You're cool with sacrificing some things if it means you don't have to talk to anyone.

8. Headphones are your friends. Talkative strangers? They're definitely not.

9. Your best relationships were ones where you could sit in comfortable silence together.

10. As for your other relationships? Yeah, about those...

So which one spoke to you the most? Did some of these miss the mark?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more relatable memes and webcomics, follow my I Know That Feel collection!

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